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Help me prove my DH wrong Lock Rss

So after talking to my DH last night about the sex thread he said that we should try it because others are...yeah right hubby don't think so laugh To which my reply was I'm sure alot of their husbands give them massages aswell but I don't see you doing that for me he replied with yeah right I'm sure they do. So he said to ask and see what sort of response there is. So the question does your DP/DH/DF give you massages, either if you ask for it or he does it just because he loves you....

LOL he will only massage me in bed if I put out afterwards laugh
laugh you should try it, never know you might actually like it!!

My DH will give me a massage if I ask for one, but sometimes when we are in the bedroom he will just give me one to really get things going, it's all gentle and sexy and nice grin
My DP will give me a quick shoulder massage if he's walking past. Of it I put my feet on him when we're on our computers or on the couch he'll massage/scratch my legs. If we're in bed he'll massage my back to indicate he's wanting some play time. Lol. If I ask hm for a massage I usually get one. But mostly he does it on his own.

Only if i ask nicely lol and most of the time he expects something in return roll eyes
Yes mine does often give me a massage in bed, he always wants something afterwards and by then I am quite happy wink
My DP is fantastic - he gives me massages quite often without being asked. Occasionally he IS after something in return, but most of the time it's just him being thoughtful and nice, which is lovely. smile
DP gives me massages without me asking, but usually only for a minute or so and its generally because he is trying to initiate other things!
He will give me a long proper massage though if I ask him nicely smile
yep: My DH gives me massages. He even bought a massage book for us a few years ago, so he could do it right.

Most the time he just gives me a little massage on the back/sholders while i'm sitting on the computer or making dinner or whatever, Sometimes i ask him for one cos my muscles are a bit tight or i have a sore neck. Other times he'll give me a real good one.
and BTW: most the time it's just loving and caring of him... and he doesn't expect anything in return

LOL he will only massage me in bed if I put out afterwards laugh

Lmao!!! My partner is like that too!!! Thats how i know he wants a bit.... "hunny do you want a massage" "No" lol
Massage is a swear word in this house LOL. DH never gives me massages.
Nope, never. He does however - continually beg me for a massage and lets me know I wont get one in return!! laugh

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