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Wedding Photographer HELL!!! Rss

Hi guys,
I just really need to vent. I got married in 2004 and paid my photographer in 2004 for his services plus our album. My husband and I were quite undecided about the photos which took us 12 months to choose and reach an agreement together. Well we tried faxing through the orders which we couldn't do because it was always engaged. I constantly rang until he called us only the once wher he asked us to email our order through to him. Since then he hasn't replied to my emails, phone called to both land line and mobile and just today I tried ringing and the business number is now an AAPT phone number. The only thing that we haven't done is visit his studio.
I rang Dept Affair Trading and they have told me to write a letter to the photographers and send it as registered mail enquiring on why they have not finished our album or contacted us in regards to it. If they do not reply within 5 working days or have our album in that amount of time then we are to put a complaint in to the Dept of Fair Trading. I am so upset because it's not only the $ that we spent but our memories of our special day.
Has anyone else been in this situation before??
No I haven't. But you must be so pis*ed off.
Good luck, I hope Dept Fair Trading can sort this out for you.

Maybe a current affair/today tonight might be able to help you on this one???

Good luck.

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Ireckon joeyw might have an idea there! if anyone will rat him out it will be a current affair program!!

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Yeah, I should...
I'll see what the Dept. of Fair Trading come up with and if I can't get my $$ and negatives I'll go to ACA.
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