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I hope that I dont upset anyone or seem cruel. But my friend and her sister had babies and after they had their babies instead of wearing clothes that flater them they wear clothes with their huge still look 5 months pregnant guts showing for all to see they have stretch marks everywhere and insist on wearing binkis I dont think they realise how disgusting it looks.

Do you think I should say anything they think they look sexy?? My husband cant handle it. And also I lost all my preg weight at the birth of my kids and didn't get stretch marks so I dont want to come across as mean or judgemental. But I everyone who see them feels sick to the gut about how they dress.

Sorry please give me some advise

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I also have stretch marks from my first pregnancy.. although i lost all my baby weight there is no way i would wear a bikini. I think its abit harsh to call them disgusting.. and if i knew someone was saying that about my stretch marks i would be very hurt. If they feel comfortable showing everything off let them or if you feel that strongly about it take them shopping and find something more flattering.. easier said than done if they like the way they dress.

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Hi Sweetangel,
Unless they actually ask if they look good, or they are the type of friends that you could tell them anything without them going off or feeling hurt then I don't think you really should say anything! Otherwise I think you will likely loose some friends! One way you might be able to do it is next time you are all together, take a camera with you and get group shots, ones of them and their kid/s etc, and print them off for a copy for them. They might see themselves and think twice about wearing tight clothes.
I am a big lady myself, but I certainly dont wear tight clothes! And what is a bikini??? LOL!!
Not being mean to you at all sweetangel, but I really think you might have to stay quiet on this one. If you don't , I think they might think you are being a bit um, can't think of the right word...'righteous' I guess, you know - like, 'she thinks she is so good just because she lost the weight' kind of thing. NOT that I'm saying you are, just that is how it may come across to them.
Good luck with the situation, hope it works out.

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Lucky you with no stretch marks! Not everyone is so lucky tho, i have them on my boobs, its a big insecurity for me. I think good on ur sister and friend for having the confidence to wear what they like and not care about what people think of their bodies. If I was you I wouldn't say anything unless they ask you for your opinion, what you say could really hurt them and thats the last thing you want to do.

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