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why are MIL's such cows?? Rss

i just need to vent and the other post was getting long...... LOL!!

my MIL is such a backstabbing, lying, bit*h.

i got a phone call for SIL yesterday saying that she went to visit her mum, got told to let me, daniel (my partner) and her partner aslo herself that we r not welcome there anymore and she doesnt want to see the grandkids (my son and her daughter, son and bub on the way)

then i confront her and ask y? she says she never said that and my SIL was making it up. (MIL has a past history of starting this sorta SH*T!!) so this big blue starts and me not being able to help myself gets right in there LOL!!!!

on Xmas day she was standing there telling me how much of a looser her other son was and how proud of daniel she is...... THEN!!! i over hear her saying to other son the total OPPOSITE!!!!! OMG!!!! i hate her but its so much easier cos daniel hates her and her SH*T more LOL!!!

anyway i could go on all night and u'd get bored of reading.

oh 1 more thing she always calls to say we dont visit enough, she has a car, (apparently always broken down) our address and we live just a 2 min walk around the bloody corner!!!!

anyway sorry girls i feel m,uch better now!!!

kylie xox

***haydens mum***

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There must be a screw loose.. that is all I can say!
Hello Kylie,

I know how you both feel! My mother is also like that.
My mum never liked any of my partners and would start sh*t with my sisters and cause a big blue witch then I would get involved.
Because of this I never spoke to my sisters for about 4 years.
Now I live about 4 hours away from my family so we don’t have much to do with them."its good"
And they wont be seeing much of my child.
Good Luck

Bathurst Excited DAD 2 Shaye 16/6/06

You know what even I can't answer that. My partner and I aren't married but we have been together 3 yrs. She constantly accuses me of not wanting her around. I do...sometimes.. but she talks about me behind my back and it's to my friend's of all things. When it comes time for family photo's I'm never invited even though the rest of the family is( that includes my partner's sisters' partners) That happened recently at my boy's christianing his family snubbed mine and refused to have anything to do with them...

My conclusion is that they're jealous they know that the MIL son's love us and they can't stand the thought of losing them. So what better way then to try and break up the relationships...
Good Luck with the MIL cause I've given up with mine.

manda, Townsville. Bub named Reg

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