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i seem to have absolutely no sex drive what so ever and it is starting to effect my relationship. is there any1 else out there who sits up late to ensure that their partner is well and truly asleep b4 they go to bed just to avoid them trying to get a bit of nookie? i love my partner but i cant stand him touching me ANYWHERE!!!

vic, 5yrold &2yrold

same with me its not often that we are both interested at the same time anymore part of the reason my partner isnt around all that much to get a bit of nookie as u call it but when he is around i kinda hide away but i get upset at the same time coz he doesnt try to get anything its like im afended that he doesnt try?!?! big circle in this house when it comes to sex

mum of peter 25/12/04

What sex drive.Can't even remember what it's like to want a bit.It's been about 6months now and I feel really bad for my partner.He's really understanding but I know that he must be getting frustrated.I've just not got the energy or the inclination to have sex.Hopefully things will improve but I don't see it being in the immediate future.

Kailee-02/10/03 & Broden-25/08/05

thank god there are other women out there just like me.
I am the same since having my 4 month old i have no sex drive it started when i was 7 months pregnant and is still the same i dont know if its because i am breast feeding and i just dont feel like my body is mine i feel like it belongs to my dd if my husband touches my boobs its like there my daughters not yours, my husband is also very understanding not that it makes me feel any better i to wonder when do you start to feel human again

baby brittney

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