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How to be a better wife! Lock Rss

Hi lovely mums,

I'm having trouble with a moody husband and wonder if maybe I'm a terrible wife! sad

(I'd better say right from the outset that I'm writing this in a 95% lighthearted frame of mind - I don't want to offend anyone. I love my husband and wouldn't swap him for a truckload of chocolate - but in the end, he's still a man!)

I look after our baby all day long, I keep her fed and entertained and cuddled and happy. I keep the washing machine humming and clean clothes in constant supply. DH gets home and usually finds a cheerful daughter crawling across the floor to meet him - and I try to show some enthusiasm for his arrival before I give him something to do! tongue

I prepare dinner while he enjoys a fun playtime in the bath with the baby - from the kitchen I get to hear her laugh with him for 20 minutes in a way she rarely laughs with me all day.

After the baby is in bed and we've eaten, instead of sitting down to watch TV, I do the dishes straight away so as not to waste any of the evening. I listen to his problems at work and try to offer helpful, supportive suggestions (while trying to remember if Nina has any clean trousers for tomorrow).

I try to shave my legs frequently enough to avoid turning into a yeti, and I try to resist the snacks DH keeps buying and putting in plain sight, in an effort to lose my remaining pregnancy padding. And, I even try not to wear the grottiest of my granny knickers too often.

I try to go to bed early at least once a week for a cosy marital chat, or a shag. And I try to stay awake for it! wink

I don't begrudge him time spent playing on the computer, or out with his friends. I try not to complain about being stuck inside with a teething baby on a wet day that seems to last for weeks ... because I know how lucky I am that he takes care of us so well.

I try not to laugh out loud when he complains about not having enough "time off." And I've never once reminded him that the last "me" time I had was him rubbing my back in ante-natal class (does that count?).

I try to remember that I'm lucky my husband wants to spend more time with me, and that I shouldn't interpret it as yet another demand on my frazzled body and mind. I try to keep in mind that he works hard too. But some days nothing I do makes him happy, nothing I do seems to be right! He'll mope around being grumpy and moody, and all my energy gets used up trying to entertain him and his daughter ... then he'll say, "Sorry I've been grumpy today, such-and-such at work is bugging me," when I've been wondering all day what I've done wrong! He'll complain that we don't spend enough time talking together, so I'll make an effort to set aside time to talk ... and he'll talk about how we don't spend enough time talking!

It's blimmin' hard work being the perfect wife, isn't it ladies? Putting on a brave face every day when you never even have time to put on make-up - it's not easy! tongue

What makes a good wife anyway? I think I need some urgent tuition! Thanks!


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