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together for the kids? Lock Rss

Recently my hubby and i have been arguing NON STOP it's insane, and it's mainly because I feel ignored by him and that he hates my body after birth and never tells me I'm sexy or beautiful anymore and i swear we're just keeping it together for our children.. HELP! sad
i dont mean to offend, but it hardly sounds though you're keeping it together. your hubby obviously has no perception of what your body has been through. it doesnt just 'bounce back', regardless what he likes! you have obviously tried talking to him (judging by the arguments) to no avail? have you told him how his actions (or lack of) are making you feel? and that it's not an environment for children to be in? communication is the key, so if you cant talk, maybe try writing your feelings down?

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

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