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I suppose I'm not the only one out there that puts up with a husband that just "doesn't get it!"
I feel like a frigging robot! 2 children 1 5yr and 1 5month old. I do everything even when I am working. We both work. My work hours trying to work around him and all his extra activities. When he has days off NOTHING gets done, not even a dish cleaned from his breakfast. I'll work till 11pm, get home clean and fill bottles, make school lunch, organise for next day. Then I still get up to my son when he wakes. If hubby works to 11 he sleeps in does nothing and doesn't even attempt to get up to his son. We've had arguments and he just thinks he does help. He doesn't get it at all he has no patience, no respect for me and absolutely no priorities. I wonder if its all worth it. I'll do anything for my kids, they will always be first. We've been married 6yrs both 29 and been together since we were 17! I've always wanted 3 kids but the way he's made this experience for me it's turned me off! I'm tired, feel like crap and its bringing my bubbly personality down. Do any other mums put up with similar crap?

Amanda,NSW, 5yr old & 4mth old

I dont think men really understand or should I say want to understand. I hope thatit all works out for you.

Mum to 5 amazing gifts from God. 3 girls 2 boys

Hi Amanda,

Geez you must be exhausted!!! You definitely need to do something before you collapse from the weight of everything on your shoulders!

It's true that men don't seem to understand all the things we do, all the stuff that seems to happen like magic while they're sleeping in or out with their friends - but that doesn't mean we should give up trying to get them to understand!

You said your husband thinks he does help - well somehow or other, you need to make him see that he's not helping as much as he thinks he is. Maybe you could write down all the jobs you do around the house every day, show him the list, and ask him to pick some jobs that he'll take over from now on. That way he might actually start to comprehend how much you really do!

A lot of blokes do seem to have the opinion that on their days off they should be able to laze around and not do anything - but they need to be reminded that they can't do that once they've got kids, it's not how life works - why should he get a complete day off if you never do? Particularly when you have a paid job on top of being a mum! If he does his share around the house then both of you will be able to have some time to relax, maybe even together - that idea should appeal to him surely?

It's blimmin' hard work doing every single thing, and I don't know how you're doing it, holding down a paid job and managing two kids, specially with your bub being so young. Your hubby must be able to see how exhausted and frazzled you are - he should be pampering you and making extra effort, not slacking off completely!

You need to stand up for yourself, you're doing everything for your family and you deserve better in return! Good luck, hope this helps, let us know how you go. smile

This new forum is strange ...

Yep know exactly how you feel! My hubby thinks he deserves to play the playstation all night whilke i try to get my 4 year old to be and feed my 8 week old and do all the settling aswell.
They are just very lazy creatures! I hope my two boys don't end up lazy like him.

I really do think it makes you feel worse the more you think about it though, I have stopped picking up his clothes to wash them, I leave them on his side of the bed so he has to pick them up.

I feel the same about having another baby because it will only add more work for you to do.

Hope it gets better for you.

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