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Not sure but marriage maybe over Lock Rss

This may end up a long post, sorry.

I have been with my husband for 9 years (married 3) and have two beautiful children aged 2 years and 10 months. We have always had a rough relationship and I think it has taken it's toll on me. I have always been the strongest one and believe me we have been through some really tough times especially the last 6 years (including a suicide, loss of job due to injury, parents separtion, etc). I have always stayed for his support as he is not emotionally strong nor mature.

Anyway I have been unhappy for a while but just kept plodding along thinking this is what I am meant to be doing. I have no regrets for where we have come together.

I have been really good friends with a guy for 2 years and the last 8 weeks it became a little more than friendship but not sexual. I confessed to my husband that I have feelings for the other guy and anyway the other guy has denied any involvement that is was me taking advantage of him as a friend. His wife (whom I was friends) and him have completely turned on me. I keep trying to tell myself he came into my life to give me the strength to leave my marriage but now I am not so sure.

It has only been a week since it blew up but 3 weeks since I asked husband to move out. I feel like it has been months. I keep thinking I should ask husband back to be done with it and just perservere as it would be easier.

I feel so lost at the moment. I am also still quite angry at the other one for putting all the blame onto me. How can a friend do this to someone they care about? I haven't seen him since it ended last Thursday on the phone but he sent me a text message last Friday being really nasty.

I am in need of some support on getting through this and hopefully making the right decision. I really don't think I want to be with husband anymore yet feel so sad for my children. We are friends at the moment as we also have a business together.

Any ideas?

Lifes full of challenges

hmmm how does your husband feel about all this? is he angry? upset?

does he still want to be together?

I'm really sorry that the other man betrayed you, but he may be like you said, just what you need to change your life around, so that you can be happier, and your children too,


Liam Evan, 2

I think you need to sit back and decide what you really want before making any decision on who moves in with who.

It sounds to me that this guy either strung you along abit and made out like he have had feelings for you also but didnt think you would leave hubby as they sometimes do or you may have misinterpreted these feelings because you wanted more than what you had in your current relationship and thought the other guy could have provided it for you.

Either way whats done is done and I think he is really no friend at all.

I think the best bet is to go get counselling both by yourself and together as a marriage as their are other issues than the other guy.

I also think that you should leave the other couple alone as obviously he intends to be with his current wife and any contact would just make things worse for the both of you. From his actions he isnt the sort of friend you need anyway.

Good luck .. keep us posted
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