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  5. 8 week old together but a 3.5 yr old from previous relationship and my man not getting along!!!

8 week old together but a 3.5 yr old from previous relationship and my man not getting along!!! Lock Rss

Hi all,

my man and i....... we just got engaged 5 days ago!!...... seem to be always hitting heads over the same issue... the way he treats my 3.5 year old son from a previous relationship!!!

I have full custody of my son and his father only sees him when he feels like it and even then im there and he only hangs around for about 3 hours before he leaves again so my partner now is like the full time father figure in his life..

We have only been together for just under 2 years and have a beautiful son who is 8 week old tomorrow and have been living together for a year

but my issue is they dont get along... my partner expects my son to do EVERYTHING that he tells him to do like be quiet while he is playing his computer or stop talking to him when he cant be bothered or even stop asking WHAT ARE U DOING?? or WHY? like all kids like to ask.

I no my son isnt perfect and is always talking lol but i feel he is doing what all 3.5 year old boys do and that is play and ask questions all the time.

What can i do to make them connect with one another... i have brought them games to play together.. they go out for walks together and bike rides but i hear my son crying before i see them and they r always telling on each other to me.. ive had enough

im sorry this is sooo long but i want to make sure im doing the right thing before marriage as my boys mean everything to me and ill do anything to make them happy no matter how much i love someone!!

Thanks bree xx

Hi Maybe you should tell your guy to grow up. Look dont get me wrong a 3.5 year old is full on and the never ending WHYS but that is how they learn.

Your son in my opion is more important than this guy sorry but that is my opion I would think long and hard before marrying him

Mum to 5 amazing gifts from God. 3 girls 2 boys

hey if you ever want to talk contact me on msn if you have it its [email protected] im also a step mother
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