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Does your partner look at alot i mean alot of porn pictures and movies? I had issues with this for a very long time we have been together 7 years and i have know just resigned to the fact that it's normal male behaviour. But previous to this it really hurt me and made me think i wasnt good enough in the looks department and become worse once i had children as my body changed. He looks it up on a nightly occation when im in bed asleep and has it all saved on the computer its all clean porn stuff.

Would you girls tollerate this behaviour?
Am i worried about nothing?
Is it normal for guys to check this stuff out daily?
Does your partner do this and does it bother you?

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No, I would not tolerate this. He aint just looking at it, no man does!
Hi there! In a previous relationship I did not approve one bit but my current partner is an amazing guy and everything I have ever dreamed of and who treats me like a princess. He too gets into the porn and initially it bothered me but he explained to me that it is just one of those things males do and has no bearing on how he saw me.

I had never been exposed to it before but knew a lot of couples who watched movies on a regular basis. I learnt to accept it and eventually liked it myself (to a certain extent) and occassionally use it as an aid in foreplay. It's not for everyone and I never thought I would see the day I would like it but I wanted to make the effort for my partner to & understand before making my mind up. I have to admit though, until meeting my partner I wasn't confident with my body and I think that attributed to my negative attitude as well. You are entitled not to like it though and he should respect your feelings on the matter.

I recently saw guys answering things like this that girls want to know on Oprah. They said that it happens daily now because of the easy access via internet which wasn't always around. I don't think it's all that appropriate every day but since it hasn't harmed our relationship or his treatment of me I choose not to let it get to me and put it down to one of those qualities of males that females will never really understand.

Talk to your husband about it and if you still don't like it maybe you could at least come to an agreement that you can learn to live with (like not every night!) because as much as I hate to say it, I find it hard to believe that any guy will stop regardless of what we say.

All the best!

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