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Where did you meet? Lock Rss

I have always felt like I won't be happy with my life and am not really an outgoing person (can be quiet if it comes to meeting people). I don't meet new people very easily and people seem to come and go a lot in my life that I have not really any long term mates as such.

So where did you met your partners?

Lifes full of challenges

Hi, just remember that old saying ' you'll find someone when you least expect it '
Anyway, I met my partner through my parents, Todd ( my fiance ) worked with my dad and awhile before I moved up here ( I moved from Tas-Qld ) dad started saying to Todd, ness will be up here soon, you'll have to come around when ness gets here etc etc. So anyway he asked me out to dinner and we've never spent a night apart since, well except when I was in hospital LOL

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I met my partner in high school! I hated him soooo much, he was a rude pig. The we were at a party of a friend of a friend and we have been together ever since!!
My husband had a crush on my sister... and hung around to try and woo her... well she didnt like him, but I did!

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I know lots of ppl think that internet dating is a little risky and sad, but thats how i met my partner.
It was in September 2001, i had listed my personal profile on MSN and he found it. We emailed each other for about a month b4 deciding to meet.
Inititally he didnt meet my criteria, i was 18 and he was 25, i was looking for someone 23 or under. But i decided to meet him and see how it went.
We decided on the movies, i was living on the north side of Brisbane and hes was and hour away on the south side. As i didnt have my license at the time, my mum dropped me off.
I got there early and had to wait for him. I had no idea what he looked like, he tried to scan his license and email it to me but it didnt work. I had sent him a photo of me so he knew who to look for.
So i was sitting at the cinema and a guy walked round the corner wearing blue faded jeans and a gorgeous royal blue shirt. As he got closer i realised it was him, he walked straight up to me. He had the most stunning blue eyes i had ever seen, with dark brown hair ( i had always had a thing for blue eyes and dark hair), i then knew he was the one.
We saw The Fast and The Furious (we were both into cars so it was the obvious choice and now we have it on DVD as a momento lol). After the movie he then drove me home and we stayed up til the early hours of the morning. When he was leaving he used the corniest line i had ever heard "So can i have a kiss", obviously it work cos here we are today.
On my 20th birthday he took me out to dinner at Manly (i had moved to the south side with him), then afterwards to drove me up to Mt Coo-Tha and we stood in the gazebo thing up there and he asked me to marry him, i said yes of course.
We had planned to get married last year on our 4th anniversary, 7th October, but in March last year i found out i was pregnant with our beautiful DD.
We now live on the north side of Brisbane with our Daughter, our dog and my cat, and are planning to to try for baby number late next year. The wedding is on hold for now, but we will get there, when the kids are old enough to walk down the isle with me.

Its funny really my partner and I grew up in the same mining town since birth, same age but he was a year behind me at school. We never met until I started going to footy games with my girlfriends which my partner played and then became all of our friends mission to set us up. We have been together now for eight years and have a beautiful 16 month old girl.

Melitta,QLD, 15mth toddler


i met my fiance at work. we worked together at the local BiLo supermarket store. i was working in the deli and got transferred to bakery manager and after doing my work in bakery had to help fill in grocery. used to talk when filling in same aisle. easy guy to talk to.

anyway asked me out and been together since. have one beautiful son whose almost 5mths

i was called ballo!

I met my partner through an ex of mine, (note - that wasnt the reason the ex and I broke up) I was actually visiting my parents because I was on holidays and not living in my home town, so came back for abit and since the ex and i were still friends we met up at a pub to catch up and he brought along a friend and we hit it off (which i think the ex got quiet jealous over)

anyway I got fired from my job moved back to my home town (which was only gonna be tempoary)and havent left cause we got together straight after I came back smile

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Me and my partner met on the internet...... lol.... we were both on the dating site and we started talkin 2 each otha for a few months then we decided to met up and we hit it off straight away....
that was 2 years ago...... and now we have a beautiful baby boy 2 getha..... and we are currently engaged.... but havn set a date yet lol and ive also gained a beautiful step daughter grin
I met my partner (Dane) at the local pub and I had just finish work so I went down and meet some friends for some drinks and Dane walk in with a other friend of my and my mate brought Dane over and we started to talk and to get to know each other and we have been together ever since and now we have a beautiful little girl who is 16 months old

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

He was my mechanic! (Still is!)

I moved to a new town for work and didn't really know anyone.

As soon as I moved my car started playing up! Sitting in a coffee shop flicking through their yellow pages (I didn't have a phone book yet) looking for a mechanic, the waiter suggested a good one.

I took my car to him, after a month back and forth to him I decided I owe him a drink for all his trouble. He accepted!!! I was so excited!!!
We were never apart from that day on...

He moved in with me after 3weeks

We bought a house 2months later

He proposed I accepted we're getting married 22 september 07

We've been together over 2 and a half years and have the most beautiful 9month old son, our 2nd son is due early february 07

I couldn't be happier!!!
Hi there all these stories are so nice to read. I met my dh when I was living in Sydney, I had moved from qld to experience the big city. He was backpacking from Canada and out with his friends one night. I was supposed to go out with my friend as we had every other weekend before. She called just as I was about to get in the cab and told me she was really sick and couldnt come.

I was all dressed up and no where to go when my home phone rang at the same time. It was another girlfriend who was fighting with her bf and wanted to go out. I thought this was a miracle because she usually takes a whole DAY to get ready.

Out we went and after a long night she dragged me into just one more club....I saw a tall cute guy walk in and he gave me the eye. Next thing I knew he was asking me where the closest bank machine was. (smooth)

We talked all night and agreed to meet the next day. I put my number in his phone and left. Just as I walked out, i said to my friend, "oh wait, I'll get his number" She was horrified and said girls should never get guys numbers. Lucky I didnt listen to her because the next day I called him and he told me I put my number in his phone wrong! Too many drinks!

We have been together for 4 years and married for 3 and are applying for dual citizenship. we have a little son who is 7 weeks! We truly believe we are soul mates and cant wait to have more babies!
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