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Unreasonable????? Lock Rss

I need some unbias advice. My gorgeous son is 14 months old, and my partner's mother has seen her grandson once since he was born (and told me I was not a good mother because my son was babbling away whilst she was talking), she lives an hour away, (has a new model car, so she is able to visit!) she wouldn't come when my son was born, nor his Christening, and it was a fight for her to make a bit of effort for Xmas, his birthday came and went and she was only concerned about when my partner would be taking her Easter pressies over to her. I have been over there a couple of times but when I would get there, she had gone to work (knowing that we were coming) or rushed out the door saying she had to see her other grandkids who live around the corner from her. When expressing my frustration and anger with my partner all he could say was that I need to be less selfish and more understanding that my son can't be the centre of attention all the time. I would love for them to be involved in his life but I am at the point of just thinking that my son has learnt to love without them and is adored by my family that he shouldn't be subjected to being second place to anyone. Don't get me wrong they will always be welcome in his life but with working part time, studying part time and raising my son with little emotional and no financial support from my partner, I have little spare time and with any time I do get I want to be spending it with my son.
Am I being unreasonable?????

Jo and Hay

hi there,
NO WAY ARE YOU BEEN UNREASONABLE, i cant believe how your mil is behaving, your hubby should be supporting you more on this subject, sounds like you have been trying to make all the effort and your not getting any in return which is very unfair you have enough to deal with without having to worry if your mil is ever going to want to be in your sons life, just remember she the 1 losing out on enjoying your beautiful sons life, sounds like your doing a dam fine job of mothering. you can orobably do without people like that in your life.
i hope i wasnt to objective 4 you but what i read really pi%$ed me off.

good luck darl

steph n alexis 20mths and pregnant with 2nd bub

there is no way that you are being unreasonable to wantingyour mil and all your in laws being apart ofyour sons life. As for your hubbies comments about you being jelous because his family does not want to be part of his sons life, i would sort of include him in the equation. If he does not help you out financially or emotionally, what type of father is he going to be to your son and what sort of expectations does he have with the sons growing up. Maybe you should not worry about contacting his family for any particular event for a while and if they have a go at you for not inviting them, bring up this point to them, you have obviously made sufficent requests adn effort to get them involved in your sons life. Include your hubbie in this too as if he can't help you out, and is making no effort in helping you out, don't include him in some of the important decisions concerning your son. maybe it will get in his headthat he too helped create this beautiful child that he too now has to help in raising this child.

Am truely sorry if i have offended you or anyone else who may read this post but people like that don't deserve to be part of childrens lives if they can't make the effort.

little monkeys

i think she is just being stuck up if she is going to treat you and your child that way and tell you that your not a good mother tell her she is not alowed around your house no more
hi, i dont mean to offend anyone, but what sort of message is your partner sending to your son?? you say he doesnt support you financially and hardly emotionally. so, is your son going to grow up thinking this is ok? that he can get a girl pregnant, move in and thats it? (im not saying thats how it is in your house, but how it could possibly be in the future)

your partner needs to step up to the plate and take some responsibility! start supporting his FAMILY emotionally, financially and any other way he can! as for his parents, he needs to grow some [email protected] and tell them what he thinks. he should be supporting you 100% on this one, because you are not being unreasonable.

you have made ample attempts to get your MIL to pay attention to your son. and telling you that you're a bad mum because your son is descovering he has a VOICE??? that is ridiculous!!!!! she needs to be put in her place.

(im sorry if this sounds harsh, but im very anti-MIL today!)

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

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