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Not sure how to approach him Lock Rss

I am married (just seperated) and was seeing another guy for a couple of months (no sexual relations) and it got very heated between us and I decided to tell my husband I have feelings for our friend. My husband accepted my honesty and unfortunately the other one denied it all to his wife and this was 12 days ago that it blew up. I recieved a message from his mobile (I know she had it this night) to say f*** off and leave me and my family alone next time you contact us I will call the police.

Basically I cannot believe he would turn like this and feel I cannot move on until I face him one more time and talk. He has avoided me at all costs. I understand he wants to protect his own nest but I need closure to be able to move on. I feel the only way I can accept what has happened is to speak to him and clarify a few things. I will be happy not to contact him again after this.

The trouble his how do I contact him without his wife knowing. I am afraid to text incase she has his mobile. I have tried crossing his path and it hasn't worked. I am tempted to phone him but again his wife may have his phone (normally he has it at work but on the odd occassion he has left it at home).

Any suggestions on how I could do this? I cannot just leave it how it is. Although no further relationship is possible I just need closure.

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sorry but you really move on and let them move on at least they are going to try fix their marriage dont ruin what chance they have

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Hi Tammy,

It will be hard, but you have to find the closure you need within yourself. It's a myth that other people can give us closure - we have to be the ones to come to terms with things in our own heads.

You will only make matters worse and weaken your own position by trying to have further contact. If it makes you feel better, write him a letter with all your feelings about the situation in it - and then burn it.

Don't give a man who has treated you badly the authority to decide when and if you can get your peace of mind back! Good luck - you're the only one who can "close" this chapter in your life.

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I think that he has given you the closure signs that you need by his actions. He clearly wants to be with his family and you should concentrate on either moving on or seeking some help within your own marriage.
I think that both sides have been burnt by this situation and obviously the way the other guy is handling things is to be closer to his family in order to reconcile, regardless of whether he has told her the truth or not.
Let things be.
hi do you know if he has the internet or yahoo or msn because i could see how he feels about you you can talk to me about it on msn [email protected]
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