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In-Laws.. who needs them..!!! Lock Rss

I am usually the first to admit that my in-law family are quite lovely people but this last week has taken the cake and I have vowed to never visit again!!!

We were invited to go there for dinner on Tuesday at MIL request. So we pack bubs up and go out, DH 2 yr old neice was already there as MIL had babysat that day and I put DD on the floor to play. Over the next hour DH neice had smother DD with kisses and cuddles etc and it wasnt until we were seated for dinner that FIL commented on how neice was still sick.. Sick??? No-one had said a word about her being sick or stopped her from touching my DD the whole time we were there and SIL had turned up by then. I gave DH a glare but kept my mouth shut as I didnt want to over-react.
At the end of dinner DH neice decided to chuck a tantrum at the table because SIL wouldnt give her something (that she couldnt eat anyway) this went on for ages the whole time SIL hubby sat and watched the tantrum as he thinks that neice doesnt pay attention to him anyway..
A couple of minutes later there was silence and I then saw neice walking around with smarties..? I was absoulutely gob-smacked! I couldnt help but open my mouth and comment that I couldnt believe they were rewarding her tantrum with smarties.
I was compelled to leave there and then, but I calmely sat with FIL and had a quite grumble to myself.
Fast forward to Friday and after DD had dinner in her high chair I was on the phone when she started projectile vomitting.. After she was bathed and cleaned up her nose was all runny and I commented to DH that she must be getting sick. He looked at me and asked what neice had and I was unsure so we rang MIL to be prepared if she had caught the same thing. Quick to jump to the defence she said it was just a cough and that DD must have picked something up from my nephew when I babysat him.
On Saturday she rang to check on DD who had been sick twice more and thought she had better tell me that neice now had something else and was running a temp, hot and cold shivers on top of the cough, cold, and previous temps she had before (mind you she only told me she had a cough..)
DD has had a cold since then and I cannot believe that we were not warned she was sick prior to going out there so we could have made up our own mind. There were 4 other adults in the room who knew she was sick when she was kissing and touching my DD and no-one said a word..
I agree... why wood they not say anything to you ??

As you entitled your post..


hope your little angel gets better soon and hope it doesnt worry her to much... poor little thing


It is so unbelievably inconsiderate isn't it! It's all very well that they want to see your child, but they're not the ones suffering the after-effects of the visit - nasty sickness that could have been avoided!

It makes me so mad. I think I'm gonna become quite rude this winter and bluntly ask "Is anybody there sick at the moment?" before I take Nina anywhere.

You're quite right to be angry darkandstormy, that is so selfish. I think it would be a good idea to keep your DD away from them for a while until they learn to keep their germs to themselves.

Hope the poor wee darling feels better soon!

This new forum is strange ...

Thats pretty bad that your family didn't warn you about things like that. Who needs more germs and sick kids!
Mine just drive me crazy with mind - games. But i have to be careful how i act (lot of tongue biting) as they are sitting our kids whilst we are at work.
You should be making a few more comments...not so under your breath!

Sal, two mischief boys 4yrs & 16 mth's

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