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Disipline Lock Rss

Im not sure what area i should have asked this question in, so i hope this is ok!

My partner and i were talking about our daughter the other night, and spanking came up and whether we would. I personally dont believe in it, while my partner said he would. I wasnt spanked as a child, where he was. I really dont want him to do it! Not only that, but if one parent did, and the other didnt, wouldnt it be confusing for the child?

our daughter is only 11 months, so it 's not really a pressing issue at the momment, but i was just wondering if any of the other parents on here had different dicipline views to their partner, and how it all works out?

Thanks in advance!

i don't spank and my kids know it, i hear them talking! (the older ones) My hubby on the other hand has no problem in giving a slap on the bottom on the nappy, he only does it once and the kids respond well to him and he knows it, now he has a tone or a look and they know( 10yo down to 19 month old.) I wish i had of been able to do it i suppose as all iseem to do some days is lose my voice and yell and scream and still noone cares. I take things off them and try other behaviour management approaches but hubby seems to have it all under control, and they still love him!
if you dont disaplane you child at a young age you child is got to be out of control best way to disaplne thme now then they know if they do somthing wrong they know what happends and they know they are not alowed to do that again.

kids that dont get disaplane they steal things, they wage school,sweat, grefeity propurty, fight and so on you dont what your child to do that you have to both stang your ground and not let your child control you thats why you see alot of kids steal cars and so on becasue there parents let them run wild and dont disapline like they sould.
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