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Does anyone out there have this problem

My hubby n I thought we'd never get time to do this constantly. But, its like every opportunity we get, we take advantage of it.

Is it wrong to be soooo connected?

Of Course it is WRONG, How dare you have fun & not get interrupted by the fun police (kids) LOL. smile]
I envy you if only our fun police would allow us to have our fun every time we liked, oh the days of only one child LOL.
But having said that it is so much fun when we bet the fun police sad(]


mum to 5

Lucky you!!! I'm jealous, I wish we had the time!! We have gone from being a couple who had 'fun' atleast twice a day, to only a few times a week. And we've only got one bub!! Take advantage of it while you can!
My hubby would love me to be mid - end of cycle all the time as this is the only time that I am really into it - that's when the tiredness doesn't seem to matter.

I say enjoy it, love it and continue. Nothing at all wrong with feeling like a teenager sneaking around. Makes it more exciting.

Me 28, DP 31 - Lochie 4 Laura 2

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