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Have you ever been "the other" woman? Lock Rss

and did you feel guilty about it?
I have and no guilt at all.....

mum to two gorgeous guys

How lovely and moral of you... Are you still with this guy? If you are just remember the old saying, if he will do it with you, he will do it to you.
I havent. Did you end up with him? If you dont mind me asking?
Yeah i have acouple of times mind you it was like years ago, about 17-20 years of age so i was young. I think heaps differnt now and i know i wouldnt do it again. But did i feel guilty No.

Oh sorry, to answer your question, NO, I have never and would never. I find cheating disgusting.
Are you mad? as if I would go out with a guy who I met whilst he was cheating on his girlfriend! hmm nah when he started wanting to meet up for coffee instead of well you know, I was out of there.

mum to two gorgeous guys

I haven't and know I never could.
If they could break that trust already I'm sure I would always wonder if they would do it again.
[Edited on 01/07/2007]

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

Just wanted to add i was never with a married man. Just guys who had girlfriends.

Seems to be the way.
My question to you is how would you feel if your husband had another woman?
I guess it hasn't happened to you and until it does you will continue to have no guilt.
I truly hope that it doesn't happen to you. It's not a nice feeling at all.
It's certainly not something to brag about.

once when i had a one night stand afterward his phone rang and it was his girlfriend, i didnt feel guilty cause i didnt know, and my husband left his fiance for me though he broke up with her before we actualy got together.
god computer so slow!! only just saw other posts, so no didn't end up with him, was also many years ago but he was the one doing the dirty not me, I was single, so not my problem and if it wasn't me it would of probably been some other young thing!

mum to two gorgeous guys

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