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Ive recently suspected my husband to be cheating.... like "accidently" forgeting his wedding ring from time to time.... how do you know for sure that their is another woman?
how stupid is this going to sound ...but here gos......ahve you tried asking him outright ?????I recon if he is he will squirm and stutter and I recon you will just know if he is lying ...I could tell if my hubby is lying ....

Good luck honey hope it turns out to be something really innocent
Having been cheated on a couple of times in the past, I can say in hindsight that there were some signs I missed. eg. "Close" friendships with other girls, going out alone, being overly nice to me afterwards, acting suspicious of me! (guilty conscience I suppose), secretive about emails and text messages they received.

However, if you are worried the best thing you can do is sit down and talk about it with your DH. Suspicion and worry can really torment you, and create huge problems where they may not need to be.
I know its hard not to let your mind get carried away, but try not to jump to conclusions, and have a good talk to DH.
Good luck, I hope your concerns are unfounded!
Maybe check his text messages or as another said, maybe ask him? I hope he in not for you sake. xxoo What a horrid position to be in, I really feel for you and hope all works out whatever the outcome. x
I was going to suggest what Frances said. Just ask him outright.. You will soon know then if he is cheating.
I have in the past... but ends up going off his head, and we end up in a "you don't trust me" fight. There was this time he had accidently called me and I heard him in our car just talking to this girl at his work (shes cute by the way) when I called him back he told me that he was just showing our new car to his work. ???? The thing that upsets me is that I was a little stunner before we got married and he knew I could of had any guy I wanted, but chose him, but now I feel stuck.... I'm 24 with a 1 yr old and 6 months pregnant!
Oh love .......what does your gutt tell you ...I dont want to invalidate your feelings but has this been going on befroe you were pregnant ????sorry to ask either way if you feel insacure than you obviously have good reason ......tell him straight ..."if I find out you have or are cheating ...I will walk out and you will only see your kids every other weekend ..and that is if your lucky " I dont agree with useing your kids in fights but have to know need to set an example for your children that it is not an acceptable way of being treated ...I really feel for you and please ...if you need somewhere to go ...coem to me ..I will look after you ...i live in Brisbane !!!!!I have a spare room with your namne on it ok ......
Posted by: jasmyn's mum
Ive recently suspected my husband to be cheating.... like "accidently" forgeting his wedding ring from time to time.... how do you know for sure that their is another woman?

is it just the wedding ring thing, cause i must addmit i forget mine alot i take it off for various reasons but never to cheat and i forget to put it back on all the time. DH always has a go at me for it. i hope hes not and your just being paranoid.
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thanks lukes mum... i appreciate it! Theres alway little things that make me feel hes not so honest. Another time I was asking him a question and I already knew the answer (it was something small... alcohol) and he was lying so bad, it just made me doubt everything he says....
Check his mobile when he is in the shower including recent call list, emails, glovebox find hard evidence.Then confront him about what you find and tell him that you have doubts about his honesty considering he will and has lied about something as trivial as grog. But in saying that he could have simply forgotten his ring, is there a ligit reason for him taking it off?? My hubby doesnt need to remove his for work (OHS) so I requested in the beginning that he doesnt take it off and he leaves it on. In return I dont take mine off either. I only ever take off my engagement ring to prevent stuff like hand cream getting into the setting. I think you need to work out if there is any evidence against him and how you feel about everything and then sit down with him and calmly discuss what you have found/feel.
I hope you are wrong
Cheers Ness
I find that sometimes when i hear his sms go off he reads it and deletes it telling me it one of those service sms's that optus sends. He probably would delete everything.
He takes his ring off as soon as he gets home, hes made a ritual out of it saying that its uncomfortable. He was never like that before I got pregnant. He says it because hes put on weight. I cant discuss it with him because he gets so heated up about the accusations.
Jasmyn's Mum,
I've been through this myself and luckily we were able to make it out the other side much stronger for the experience. It is not an easy situation to deal with and takes a lot of committment from both sides to resolve it. This only works if you both want it though, and does not happen overnight.

If you want to talk you can PM me.

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