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should i stay or should i go? what to do? Lock Rss

bub is 16months, partner and i been together almost 4 years... we r falling apart and i am wondering elsewhere (in my mind).
if you have any suggestions... email me please!!!!

i am so confused... what do i do now??

Kailey, 15 months

My partner and I were together for 3 years when everything started falling apart. We stuck with it for a year but things just got worse, so we split.

We both tried dating other people but always found ourselves catching up for dinner and or a movie and then spending the night together. That went on for 4 years and now we're living together again and have a beautiful little girl and things couldn't be better. We both really needed the break and time alone to find ourselves.

Not saying that works for everyone - as not everyone does get back together - but the break did us both wonders (for ourselves and each other).

Good luck!

Yummie Mummie

just a word of advice i wouldnt post your email addy everywhere as it is a public forum and anyone can see it.
[Edited on 26/07/2007]

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