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with DD i think DP and i were stuck togther (way TMI)
But with DS couldnt even do anything sexual!

my DH won't leave me alone when im pregnant he get turned on by pregnant women. sorry if TMI

With my DD we had sex to try and induce labour, - it didn't work and at 41 weeks was pretty uncomfortable. I had heard that having sex with a pregnant woman was like humping a tortoise so that image in my mind didn't help! LOL

My DH was no less horny during my pregnancies but I wasn't keen, - especially early on when I had bleeding with all 3 pregnancies.

2 nights before Samuel was born my DH came home with a porno called "The Da Vinci Load" which was hilarious. It is not something we are usually into but it was funny!

I was craving sex all the time with all 3 of my pragnacy's but my hubby wouldn't come near me once the baby started to move for fear of possibly hurting it.
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With the first I was too scared to do anything. With the second, I was a little more relaxed, but because of bleeding, couldn't even do "it" on our wedding night or for 2 weeks after! LOL! DH got ripped! But we made up for it, trying to bring on labour in the last week. With the third, all was good, and we didn't stop. We had sex 4 times the week before she was born.

i had months where i couldnt get enough
and months where it was the last thing on my mind
and if i had a dollar for everyone of my friends who
kept asking me if it was ok to do it
id be buying myself a mansion lol
and offering them cheap board

nope no sex drive befroe for us ...I only had sex to bring on labour ..but then they say that only counts if you orgasm ...was not into it that much ......I would be sickt o think about it

When i had had Luke and was home...i remember Luke being like three days old and DH finding be sitting on the back fence crying ...when he asked me what was wrong I said "I need a root "...(exact wording ha ha ha )...but I was scared as I had stitches and they told us not to have sex till the bleeding had stopped lol lol lo lol

hopefully next time I fall pregnant there will be a nice balance ha ha
On this topic, have any of you girls seen the movie "Knocked Up"? there is a pretty funny scene regarding this topic in the movie.
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I think Ive always had a pretty healthy appetite, but even more so when I was pregnant!! I always had really vivid dreams also which was very good as dh couldnt keep up!! Sorry TMI LOL!!
DH wasn't into it..I wasn;t bothered either way..

Only had it a handful of times since she was born...he is a patient man!!!

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well i keeped on hve sex rite up to whn i was 2wks l8 thn i stoped cos it was gettng to hrd goes of my size but otha wise i dnt c no probl;em of hveng sex while being pregnant
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