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HELP!! - Melbourne Parents whose daughter started School as a 4 year old Lock Rss

Hi there,

I would like to hear from any parents whose daughter started Primary School in Melbourne at 4 years of age and whether you are happy about or now regret your decision. My daughter will be in that situation in 2009 as she was born in April and I need to decide whether to send her then or the following year.

I would very much appreciate your feedback.

2 girls - 5 years, 2 years

hi, i dont live in melbourne but did start my eldest daughter, now fourteen, at school when she was four. her birthday is the end of may. i felt she was ready for school at this age and i didn't want to hold her back. she had been going to preschool the previous year starting with one day then upped to three. she was very social and quite bright and i sent her on advice of the preschool teachers. i haven't regretted my decision and all through primary school she was above average academically and coped well, now she is in highschool i am finding the age gap and maturity levels of the girls she is in the same year with differ greatly bringing a whole different set of worries and difficulties to deal with. she is still very social and outgoing though no longer above average. i never thought this far down the track when sending her to school at four and though i dont regret the decision i may have held her back another year if id known then what i know now..... maybe.
I'm not from Melbourne either, but I started my eldest daughter in Gr 1 when she just turned 5 and 1mth. She was ready learning wise. She was very bright, but the same with the previous post, when she was in high school her friends were always older. Especially in yr 12, her friends were starting to turn 18,going clubbing etc but she was still only 16. She found it very hard,even after she finished yr12 she still had to wait for another 12mths to be able to join her friends. I now have 2 dd's in primary school and I didn't put them in gr1 until the year that they were turning 7. I have personally found it much better for them education & socially wise.

Tina, mum of 7, Toowoomba

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