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Me and df have been together for 3 years for the past year his cousins hubby has been coming on to me... We go around there alot and just recently i have been sleeping with him and his wife has been asleep in the same house... df has been there evertime this has happened but i am so confused why am i doing this

Sounds like you are just very confused and a bit unsure of yourself right now. It is not mine or anyone elses place to put any judgement on you about what you are doing. Take a good look at yourself, your partner and your situation. Sometimes things are meant to happen as there is something that we need to learn. If you can stop sleeping in the same house otherwise you will get caught and it will end up worse than you can expect. My only advice is to tread carefully as you have a child who may end up more hurt and confused than you are.
I wish you the best of luck if you need any help just PM me okay.
hi i agree i am not in a position to judge but i have to say that at the end of the day no good can come of this.
It has to stop.

If it was someone totally unrelated to your family and you guys fell in love or whatever, it could be a sign that things at the homefront are at crisis point. But regardless of anyones feelings, this is a family members husband and if anyone discovers what is going on, it will emotionally destroy not only yourself, your husband and your child but your cousin and her husband also. which will end up being known by the entire family. do you know what i mean ??

I agree that you sound confused and unsure of yourself but i would steer well clear of this other man until you can make some sense out of things. There is no happy ending with this particular situation. Whether you are confused or not, it has to stop now before something terrible happens.

Thats just my opinion and i feel very sorry for you, it must be difficult. you can PM me if you want to vent or anything.
Good luck and think very carefully before you do or say anything,
I tend to agree with the other girls here.

You really need to learn some self constraint in this situation because YOU will end up the bad guy out of all of this, the husband won't get blamed for it. Unfortunately, it tends to always end up this way, in what I have experienced (not personally, through friends).

And another thing, cheaters (I am sorry, couldn't think of an alternative to call it) ALWAYS get caught. Look after yourself and stop what you are doing.

How on earth are you getting together with this guy with all the other people in the house anyway? I am sorry...but alllll of my alarm bells are ringing.

Hey there
Sounds like a tricky situation ya got yourself into.
Well all the above I totalllly agree with aswell!!
I don't know you or your partner or the cousin or other guy, but cheating isn't the way! You maybe need to get some space for yourself, to clear your head.
You know think about how it will hurt your family if they were to find out, especially if you keep sneaking about with this guy. It could be just an excitment thing? I don't believe much will come from this, I mean the "otha guy" is also playing on his partner? Sounds nuts to me.

But yeah get some time away to think about things!
Your sleeping with a married man. (edited) If you want to be with this other person why on earth are you still with your partner. Walk away from him, he does not deserve to be with someone that is cheating on him. Would you be ok with him sleeping with another woman behind your back? If not why are you doing it to him?
Remember, what goes around, comes around.

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you know everyone would not say thats great what you are doing.would you like this to happen to your daughter cause he has a wife and your dd will be married one day.maybe you should not be with any one.its your life but its your children that suffer.
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May I ask what changed in your relationship in 11 days to go from
I have cheated on my past boyfriends but i couldnt imagine doing it to df i love him way to much

to this
We go around there alot and just recently i have been sleeping with him and his wife has been asleep in the same house... df has been there evertime this has happened but i am so confused why am i doing this


hmmmmmm....maybe the saying is true....once a cheater, always a cheater.

Unfortunately, I think people like this always seem to think the grass is greener on the otherside....NEWS FLASH...we are in a drought and there is NO green grass!!!

I would like to hear the answer to bubba j's mums post before i comment

PM Me For a link to an awesome site

Karma is a b**ch. I can't give you any advice, (edited) . I just hope for your sake that when everyone finds out (and they will) that they show you more compassion than I would if I found someone sleeping with my partner. Because it wouldn't be pretty.
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OK! Back to the start I think!!
After just reading that quote of you saying you had cheated on past boyfriends..but you would'nt on your current.. hello? You are, so seems to me you don't quite know what love is all about?
You are confused, heres a little light..sounds to me you aren't ready to handle a steady relationship. I refraise what I said earlier.. you don't need time to think about things you've been there and done that a few times...I can only suggest you do the decent thing take responsibility for your actions! Obviously the guy you have been sleeping with won't, hes married what does the tell you? Hes got alot more to lose then you do.
If the shoe was on the other foot and your partner was playing around on you, how would you feel? Just think about that.

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