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Strategy - scorer a team - esport
In each football tournament there are teams, which include a forward, scoring a good half of goals. In some cases, the player scores even more than 50% of the total number of goals of the team.

To play the strategy Scorer Team to find such clubs with the presence of a strong forward. It is important not only the number of goals of the player, but also how many points brought his goals to the team.

Card Of Ruben Castro

As an example, take a football player Ruben Castro, who is a striker of the Spanish Betis. The team scored 34 goals in the last season, of which 19 goals were scored by Ruben Castro. This is more than 55% of the team's goals. If we evaluate the effectiveness of his goals, then all Betis scored for the season 45 points, and 34 points brought the team directly Ruben Castro (75.55% of team points). This is a great example of how one player can be important for the team.

The essence of the strategy Scorer-Team
If we know that a player brings more than 50% of points to the team, is it worth betting on the team, if you can put on the market with a higher coefficient?
In the case of Betis, the coefficient for the team's non-win in most matches varied between 1.30-2.50. Betting on such odds, you would be in the red at the end of the season. At the same time, it was possible to bet not on the team, but on the goal of Ruben Castro, the coefficient of which ranged from 1.80 to 5.00.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic is also molodechestva such betting that you can win even if the team loses.
If we consider the case of Ruben Castro, in the season he scored in three games, which eventually Betis lost.
In order to make your bets more effective, you can exclude matches against favorites.
For example, in 6 games against Atletico, real Madrid and Barcelona Ruben Castro scored only once. We also advise you to look through the forward's games to understand what form he is in. If the player is in bad shape, then bets on him can be temporarily stopped. If we draw an analogy with our example, Ruben Castro had a segment of 7 games in a row in which he did not score goals.
To be successful in betting, you need to explore the standings and the line to find in them such patterns that will beat the bookmaker. Many of these patterns are almost on the surface. As for this betting strategy, it can be profitable, provided that it is combined with the analysis of games.
As you know, the football world and the composition of football clubs, in particular – is a variable. Rare teams have been playing with the same team for several years. Usually, players who have not reached the level of the club, move to less ambitious teams, and players who have outgrown their team, go to increase to stronger clubs.

Bookmakers have long adapted transfer transitions for their lines. Bets are accepted on which club the player will go to, at what time it will happen and even bets on the approximate transfer cost of the transition. Also recently in the line there was a betting market in which the bettor needs to predict how many goals for the season will score one or another player who changed the club in the off-season.

Usually such bets have approximately the following form: less than 10 goals, from 10 to 18 goals and more than 18 goals. Let's look at how you can play in such markets.

The essence of the strategy esport
Scoring bombers are always a joy for the club's fans.
When such a player moves to another club, the bettors slopes overestimate his abilities. They assume that the performance of the player will remain at the same level, while they do not take into account the factors that the player needs to adapt to the team and possibly in a new tournament, that he is pressured by responsibility and that "lapping" to the game scheme of the new coach takes time. That is why even the top players when changing teams in the first season do not show the results that they had in recent seasons.
So it was with many players, but we will give just one example. In the table you can see the performance of Argentine striker Gonzalo Iguain.
In the last season of the game in river plate player performance was 0.47 goals per game, and in the first season of the game in real Madrid only 0.10 goals per game. Higuain was able to reach his level only in the third season. The same can be said for the transfer of the player to Napoli. In the last two seasons in real Life, the player's performance was at 0.61 goals per game, and in the first two seasons in the Italian club it fell to 0.50 goals per game.
Now the player moved to Juventus for the space amount (90 million euros).
In his last season in Napoli, he scored even more than 1 goal per game and the expectations of the Turin fans from him are very high, so bookmakers underestimate the quotes for "score more" and overestimate the "score less". Almost certainly the player will not repeat the record of the last year in his first season in Juventus.
The strategy is only that in such situations you need to bet on "score less»,
especially in cases where the player is raspiaren and expect a lot from him.
This is a very simple strategy that anyone can use. Its only disadvantage is that it involves long-term rates, and not every bettor will be able to wait for a win for so long.
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The topic is actually very interesting to the players in the bookmaker. Strategy - team scorer - eSports, different from others, and this strategy has more chances for success. Often, bookmakers in eSports do not have all the information at the time when lines are formed for certain events, which is why a real odds appear. Moreover, the hype with the real probability of an event can be very large.
Very interesting for people like me - dedicated players in sports betting. But I have never used any third-party tools or sites. Before putting another sports bet on, I always analyze myself, I trust myself much more than to other sites.
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