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I'm horrible and someone shook their head Lock Rss i noticed i was a 'judged mother'. we were at the swimming pool and bub was laying on the table on his towel in a nappy finished off his bottle. I walk away for two seconds to put something in the bin and i hear my friend gasp and see my little man FALLING to the ground!!! ..lands on his head then falls over to his back and starts screaming... its the worse feeling in the world watching ur little fella falling and not being able to get to him quick enough sad so i pick him up and am shushing him and inspecting damage an comforting and stuff... a minute or so later hes a tough boy again, and just wants cuddles (he was tired BEFORE the swimming lesson even STARTED! lol) ...on the way out my friend turns around and says there was a lady sitting behind us on the pool edge and she watched vin fall, looked at me..watched me pick him up..shook her head in disgust, said something to her hippo of a friend beside her and they were both glaring at us like we'd throw him into the ground or something.

Seriously, it's the first time I've EVER left him on the table or something..and he had HALF A BOTTLE left!! hes never left anything more than HALF A MOUTHFUL before!! :| its sucks so bad and i have the biggest guilts for it at the moment.. hes got concrete burn/gravel rash from above his eye (in his hairline) all the way to above his ear... sad

~worst mum of the year award goes to... ME!!!~ ... lol... i can sort of look back and joke about it a little..but thats because i make jokes about the worst things in if the dr told me i had cancer tomorrow i'd find something funny to say or joke about ~rolls eyes~.. its just me grin ..

yeah..just wanting to put my two cents in and prove what everyone already knows tongue still majorly peeved that that lady and her hippo were so rude though..i shouldve pushed them into the pool... :| ...if she was so worried she shouldve came and said something :| thats what so screwed up about little towns.. everyone loves to gossip... oh finished.. nearly out of battery on my laptop and dont know where the lead is.. will try to be on again tomorrow night smile will probably have another whinge lesson number two.. lol

night all smile
You were at your sons side. Where was their child?? while they were sitting on the bench judging you. Don't worry stuff happens to the best of up and your DS is ok shaken but not stirred. But, with that gravel rash on his face you'd better keep outta the shops in the next couple of days. Or you will cop more judgement lol.

Oh well, at least when he's older and some smart ass asks him "What, were you dropped on your head as a kid?" he can proudly say "Yep!!! what's your excuse?????"LOL

But seriously I hope your little man is ok.
ROFL so funny and so true pugbrat

I would like to know how any of you can make a joke of a child falling off a table. Seriously babies have very fragile skulls and can suffer from brain damage from falls - especially off a table. You were irresponsible to leave a child alone every for a few seconds at that height without supervision. If you had a friend there and so desperately needed to put something in the bin you should of asked your friend to put her hand on the baby "just in case". You deserve people to be making snide remarks about you and you are no better when you call someone a hippo - you sound as immature as my 5 year old god daughter. If child services saw you leave a child on a table unattended they would of done an investigation on you. Take responsibilty over your babies welfare and stop having the mentality that I will only be a few seconds and they always drink their bottle or do this because if you haven't worked it out by now then I will spell it out to you - babies are unpredictable and will do the unexpected because they are learning about their environment and they don't know to lay still because someone left them unattended in a dangerous situation. You should of taken the poor baby to the doctors or emergency room to have it's skull and facial bones checked and gotten them to give it something for the pain it would be feeling. And as far as saying someone who wasn't even with you at the pool watched your baby fall off a table really it is yours and yours alone to watch them and have a brain about the situation. I am really disgusted and the whole thing been made a joke of makes me feel sick and sorry for the poor baby.
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Poor lil baby! how old is it?Hope all is ok now!
I must say really no need to name call the other people.
Maybe you should of waited to go the bin.
We all learn from our mistakes next time you will know!
OMG where the hell do you get off??????

We all know that she shouldn't have left her bub even for a second but she did and her bub had a fall. I think personally she was feeling bad enough about it all without this kind of condemnation, which is why I made light of it. I am sure you are the perfect parent and never do ANYTHING which in hindsight was irresponsible but lighten up, who the hell are you to judge?
Just thought i might add, Why didnt you ask your friend to watch bub while you walked away?
I actually agree with most of what KSB2D0 said. I think that instead of taking responsibility for your own actions you are trying to put the focus on someone else. Yes we all make mistakes as parents, but instead of name calling some woman you should learn from what you have done and thank God that your child is ok.
i am sure that you feel terrible about what happened...just take it as a lesson learned and as long as your baby is ok, thats what matters.

as for the ladies that stared and made comments, i have to admit my natural reaction would be to do the same. we are all very judgemental creatures and although it would be nice for people to mind their own business, i would have been pretty upset to see a baby fall off a table and would probably have made a remark about it as well.
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