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I'm horrible and someone shook their head Lock Rss

I think it is good that you are talking about this. We all make mistakes as mum's and I think it is good to be reminded of what can happen when you least expect it.

Thanks for sharing your story.
I agree with jilly_jilly.


You were spending some quality time with your baby and what happened to you was an accident!! you did not mean for it to happen!!
I wonder how many accidents or mistakes this woman made with her children.
As mums we learn lessons and this is one that you learnt, my little one fell off her change table when she was about 11 months as I turned around to get a singlet from her dresser draw. I only had to turn around and not even move from where I was and she managed to fall off, she is now 21months old and absolutley beautiful!!!
Just give lots of hugs and kisses to your little one.
Ok KSB2DO so what you are saying is that you never had a brain freeze and things happened by accident! EVER!
Posted by: mummy2ashy
Posted by: Pugbrat
OMG where the hell do you get off??????

We all know that she shouldn't have left her bub even for a second but she did and her bub had a fall. I think personally she was feeling bad enough about it all without this kind of condemnation, which is why I made light of it. I am sure you are the perfect parent and never do ANYTHING which in hindsight was irresponsible but lighten up, who the hell are you to judge?

Who is that towards

Sorry that was directed towards KB whatever the name is the one who was really judgemental and harsh not to you.
Hi inflicted,

I too have recieved worst mum of the year award.... You can all tell me I'm an awful mother but it was a god damn accident what happened to me AND what happened to inflicted. We aren't all perfect, I am sure to the mothers that critisised inflicted, your child has tripped over, or whacked themselves on a table leg, or bruised themselves somehow....and if they haven't, you've baby-proofed your house so much they'll never know what pain is or you have wrapped them in cotton wool and never leave there damn side.

No, dropping babies is not a good idea but I would imagine 99.9% of mothers lose concentration at one time or another and 99.9% of the time nothing happens. Just because something does happen, doesn't make us BAD mothers or awful ones... Just means we're bloody human.

When Henry was about 7 months old we had gone to town to do the groceries. When we finaly got to town (1.5 hour drive), I gave him a bottle. He then decided to VOMIT EVERYWHERE. All over me, himself, the seat, the console....and Lactogen vomit isn't pretty if left in a warm so I left him in the front seat, with it pushed as far up as possible and him pretending to he has done for yonks!

Anyways, I get out, close the door....or so I thought.... and get another clothy to clean up....first one only cleaned me up!! Anyways, as I shut the back door, Henry falls out of the car onto the dirt. I can hear you all saying bad mother.... fine if you think so. But I just lost concentration for one second. I thought I had closed the door properly, but hadn't.

Don't come and say, he should have been in his seat... I should never hve left him there because I bloody know that. But when he has been in the car for close to two hours and is covered in vomit, I just wand to get him cleaned up and out of the car ASAP.

He had a bit of gravel rash on his forehead and below his eye. I spent the next 2 hours shaking like a leaf, worried I had really hurt him. I took him to the chemist, they had a look, said he would be fine, still didn't help butat least he was okay.

So there you go inflicted, I am a worse mummy than you!! And all of you that are calling her out, think about your kids. How many bruises have they had from just being kids? So she made a mistake. Aren't mothers allowed to?

Ohh, my son has slept on his tummy since he was 4 weeks old. He eats a milk arrowroot biccy every day, a golliwog (scalliwag biccy...golliwogs when i was a kid) a few times a week, but he also eats 3 pieces of fruit a day...not little bits, as in whole apples, bananas or pears, brushes his teeth EVERY day but sometimes skips a day having a bath. Sothere you go, I am a bad mother. GET OVER IT. we all **** up. thats just being human!
[Edited on 19/10/2007]

Liz, 28, DF, 29. Henry- 18/10/2006, Faith 5/6/2013, Peanut being induced 21/10/2014.

You are a realist and human and oh so right!!
RIGHT ON!!! henrysmumma, your so right!!!!

cooper, 28/8/07

i think everyone at some stage, mother or not, has done something silly or screwed up or made a mistake that COULD have ended very badly.
luckily this time it didnt. Next time someone may not be so lucky. So at least by posting this, it reminds everyone how easily things can happen and how important it is to take special care.

kid will be kids... i cant count how mant times my son has fallen down our stairs onto the tiles... EVERY mother WILL at some stage take their eyes of their child and if you tell me you have never done this then i dont believe you as we cant watch them 24/7... maybe she shouldnt have left her child on the table but what she did in the end was right cullde the child and then check for damage

WELL DONE.... you are a brave lady to post this information

as i said i think no person can judge a mum by this as we ALL at some stage leave our children unattended.. my boy is forever getting cuts and grazes and all sorts of marks


ease up

merry christmas and happy new year

Understand were you are coming from! Least you can joke about it now, but you made a little mistake! Half the fun of parenting learning by trail and error and I know that you wont really do that again or will be a little more cautious on your DS since he seems to love rolling around.

unfortunately though parents are always judged, and everyone is different but dont let that put you down! Lil kids are pretty tough and bounce back.

Hope you next lesson goes a little better than your last, and knowning me i would have said something to those ladies who remarked on your "Bad parenting" so to say.

OMG are some of u people kidding? Do you think you are that perfect that u have never made a mistake? But why the need to make someone feel worse than they already do? We all learn from our mistakes. You people need to wake up. I work with children and accidents happen, but pointing blame wont change the situation. I find sympathising with a mum who has had an "accident" with there bub alot easier than how any one can hurt a child on purpose? And what about these kids who constantly walk around with dirty cloths, dirty face, no manners and out of control???? that to is a form of abuse.
I would really like to see the children of some of you mums who can lay blame so easily.wake up......NO BODY is perfect, we all have a faults some way or another
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