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Anyone with MSN? Rss

Hi everyone

My name is Amber and im 21 with a 21 month old daughter and a 4 week old son. I was just wondering if there were any mums out there that would be up for a chat?

My MSN is

Please feel free to add me. I would love to chat with other mums

Hi Amber,

My name is Melina and i am 24.I have two girls, a 5years old and a 17month Old.

Would love to chat. my msn is


Kaliyah Jett 11/11/02 & Cruze Scarlett 8/8/06

hey there,
Im 19 with a 23 month old son.

My msn is

Ill be up for a chat.
Just some advice girls. Don't put your email addies on here. PM each other. I stopped advertising my msn after recieving horrible emails.
Also, I have added you all, hope you don't mind.
I'm 22 and my son is 22mths

Hi, I will add you to my msn. I would love to chat
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