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Hi i would like to say that i am so tired and i am sick of ppl making smart ass comments and trying to take over my parenting skills.. i am getting sick of ppl telling my son off. F*** man.. i get sick of it.. i am a quiet person when i have to be and i am on the ball with my son sean who gets into everything and i am getting sick of ppl saying no sean no sean..dont touch that sean.. come over here sean.. i am saying it firrst and then ppl step in and TAKE OVER., at home is different but when i am out, friends and family members just really pi$$ me off. and i am in control of the situation and then its like i am a brick wall..sean dosent listen to me half the time and everyone else takes over.. I have to try and say no i am it under control.. i have to push my self and say something.. ITS LIKE NO ONE LISTENS TO ME, i mite as well sign a adoption paper and say here u go.. which i am not going to but it feels like that. PLEASE HELP ANYONE.. IM AT MY LAST STRAW.
OK you may not like this but one of two things (I believe) is happening. One people think/assume you have no control over your son which is harsh on their part and stressful for you. Or they think you need a break and are trying to help. I'm not saying you don't have control and that like most mums you've decided to pick your battles rather than going off your nut every time. You are not alone, you might to say to people nicely of course that you are in control when they say something. Otherwise you jsut end up biting your tongue and getting more annoyed with people. My sister was in the other situation she kept asking our brother the tell her son off because he didn't listen to her and my sister was getting stressed. You may just have to face the fact that you have friends and family who want to apparticipate in raising yor son.

One day at a time

OMG I am so with you on this one!!! But EVEN at home and DP is the worst for it grrr, he is not here all the time and when he comes home if I reprimand then he butts in and starts, well it must be the time for it cause the other day he did it and I just walked away - you see he will normally take over verbally but when it comes to Pumba you actually have to get up and go to him, so when I walked away of course Pumba kept going and DP was like are you going to get him? I was like nope, you took over, you made the threat of him going to time out, YOU follow through and stop making me look like the bad guy!!! Plus I know if my mum is around (and she is great for butting in too) then DS1 will listen to not a word from me just her but when she is not around he will do what I ask straight away grrrrr

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I know exactly how you feel. I have been battling with this for 2 years with our son and my in-laws. It confuses the child having numerous people repeat the same thing to them. My in-laws have pretty much stopped repeating instructions that I would give to our son but there are times when they still do it. I just say "please don't I have asked him you don't need to". I started off by dropping a couple of hints to family and friends just in conversation that it annoys me how people repeat what I say maybe try that first if that doesn't work just asking them to stop doing it, tell that that they may not realise what they are doing but it upsets you and confuses your child so if they could stop you would appreciate it, if they still don't listen that is when you need to be a little more blunt and just say to your family and friends that it does not help the situation when they repeat your instructions to your son and that they need to respect that you are his mother and let you deal with it. You need to stop it as soon as possible otherwise they will think that it is ok to do and it will be harder to get them out of it.
hi ladies thanks for your post, i am having a good time a the momment... my son sean last nite called me"mommy" mum and i was so over the moon, he hasnt said it b4 that i heard.. my other half said that he has said it quietly but last nite i went down the st and i came back and sean was saying mummy and then wen i got back he i sat him on my lap and he said plain and clearly. "mummy" and i was like omg he said my name, he said mummy and then i cryed after.. i was soo over the moon.. But besides this.. happy moment, i guess to understand u post, bjm'smum, the ppl whom have kids and they r little older they it would just come naturally to them.. today my bro and his gf came over and he was biting and she was telling him off and i said no sean no biting. i told him and made it clearly i statement that i was telling him off. I understand that when u r over some one house and ur child is being naughty and getting into everyhting then thats when u certanily do something about it but wen u have some one over like i did yesterday and ur child is poking a baby and u r rite there telling him to be gentle and they inturrupt and they say no as well.. that ticks me off.. i just strugged it off.. now u both can say opinon about that i should of done something differnt.. mind u the baby is 10 wks old.. so i kinda have been through that stage and they havent yet and they also gotta understand that i am teaching my child the rites and worng and being nice and gentle to other child especially babys.
I used to feel how you do, but I have changed how I felt since I read that a very young child is reinforced by more than one person saying the same thing. eg, if Mummy says "no", and Grandpa, and granny too, then the kid is more likely to really take it in and respond.

Just think, all those people are loving your child and wanting the him to be the best he can be. He will learn the majority of things through you, but he will be learning off other people his whole life too.

having read the other responses, I will talk to other people's kids and say automoatically "don't throw sand" or whatever. I am DEFINITELY not having a go at the mum when I say that.. just reminding the kid of the rules we all live by.

Us mums have to back each other up and work together, cos it is too hard to bring up a kid on ones own.

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