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jasmine was asleep so i took the time to have a nice warm shower all nice and clean smell great got dressed and put up my hair, feeling pretty good,

jasmine slept for another half and hour,
she woke up so i picked her up to take her to the lounge room then BANG!!!

she was sick all over me, i had a slinglet on so spew went down my boobs and all over my clothes i didnt think she could vomit that much, well she just smiled at me and all i could do was laugh,

so much for feeling nice and clean, lol!
LOL im sure it has happened to us all makes you wonder why you bother huh


wow you have five kiddies how do you cope?????

yep i think it happens to a lot of mums lucky i still dont fit into my old clothes yet,

gggg i need to lose some baby fat, thanks for the reply talk soon,
when i got home from the shops today i realised i had spew all down my shoulder and back! No wonder people were giving me sympathetic looks!

at least you had time for a shower, that's a real lovely treat


3 girls under 3

you poor thing that happened to me in clark rubber but all done my front i left gf and and i ran to the car, and tryed to get cleaned up, i now allways have a towel on my sholder when im out and a few spares,
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