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Lunch - can't not take anything!! Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

I am having lunch tomorrow with my mother in law, husbands cousin.
I want to take something along so as to not go along empty handed. I normally take a cake to have with coffee but my husbands cousin will have a cake.
It's about a 45 minute drive and its hot. I was going to take a fruit platter but don't think that will be practical.
Any suggestions?

Proud Mummy

How about some fancy chocolates or bikkies to have after lunch with coffee.
[Edited on 22/02/2008]
Maybe, take along the makings of a sexy punch..
ie, strawberries, orange slices, mint leaves, and a bottle of dry ginger ale (essential) and cheap orange juice.

just mix it all together when you get there in a nice jug with some ice... very tasty and something different. ALso not too much trouble to take!

good luck

3 girls under 3

hmm i hate going empty handed

if you are going to have a cake there then maybe some cheese & bicuits cause that way you have sweet and savory - alternativly find out what's on the menu and tell them you will bring something too and ask what they would rather.
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