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Hi everyone

Well I posted on here when my baby girl was 6 days old, my DH went out to a concert and left me at home. Never text, never called. After reading your helpful suggestions, I talked to him about how it made me feel...

Anyway, DD now 9 weeks old, and DH has tonight gone out for the night fishing, and staying out till tomorrow afternoon. Just came home, packed his bag and went.

He really hasn't been much of a father, doesn't have a great deal to do with baby, seems like he is jelous and annoyed that she is around.

I love her so much.... but I don't think I love him anymore. Right now I can't afford to leave.. and even if I did everyone would think its my fault..

His parents absolutely hate me. They have only seen baby twice. His sister also hates me and has cut off contact with DH because of it.

I am now at home, alone, feeling overweight and unloved, it wasn't supposed to be like this. I want to leave, but I can't.

Thanks for listening.

Matilda Jane, Feb 08 and Charlotte Rose, Dec 09

OH hunni...u poor thing sad
i can't imagine how u must be feeling as i dont hava baby yet..but am dying for one..
have u got any family or friends u can talk to for support? Dont worry what everyone thinks..noone has a right to judge u..they're not the ones living with they dont know what happens under your roof.
what did dh say after u talked to him about the concert?
i really hope u get through this..
im so so sorry about whats happening in ur life..and im so sorry that dh cant be a better daddy for ur precious angel.
I'm so sorry to hear that! The most important thing for you to do is do whats right for you and your baby.You dont sound happy where you are so you need to do whats necessary for you to feel happy and supported. There must be someone you can talk to, family or friends or even a midwife or GP.
None of this is your fault, you're obviously a great mother but if nothing changes and you want to leave than do it, you and your baby need to be around people who love you.

I hope things work out for you, you need to look after yourself for your babys sake.

Keep your chin up.
It is hard for a lot of blokes to connect with the baby until it is laughing and giggling and they can feel like they're getting a really good response.
ie from about 4-5 months. Maybe when your fella gets that big gummy grin when the baby's a bit older, that's when he'll fall in love.

3 girls under 3

try to stick it out for a little while and see if he just needs baby to grow up a bit to connect with her.
with my first DS DH was not like yours but still a bit disconnected to baby until he was about 1 and could play, now he is great and he was great with DS#2 from the word go.

however your happiness is #1 priority ATM as your happiness is also babies happiness so if you dont think you will ever be happy there then there is no reason you should stay.

do you have family you can move in with?
also maybe call centerlink or go on there website and see if you could manage financialy without your DH, you may be supprised.

good luck with everything.
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