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Statistics. (I hope it doesnt offend anyone) Lock Rss

Ok, So statistics show that kids born to teen mums are more likely to become a teen mum them selves.

My Mum had her first baby at 16

Me at 19

So I fit into that statistics category, Just wondering about everyone else.

I hope no one is offended by this thread, because that isnt my intention, Just out of curiosity thats all.
I was 24 (2 weeks off turning 25)
Mum was 22

MIL was 17,
and her DD was 16.
My mum was 17
and I was 25

so the statistics are off here

my "mum" had me wen she was 16

i had my first when i was 21

was determined not to screw up like4 she did (she left when i was 3 and there was no way i wanted my kids to go through that)

although did have a miscarriage when i was 18 (but that was with the man of my 2 kids now)
My mum was 17
I was 28
My mum was 19 (3 months off of 20)...

I was 17 (3 months off of 18)...

hmm well my mum was 33 when she had me, My sis was 18 when she had her first and I was 26 when I had my first. So I dont' know if statistically we fit in anywhere.

However my MIL was 20 and her mother was 20 and my DH announced to me when we were 16 that he wanted his first at 20. I said good luck - find someone else!

On the subject of it though my sis tells her girls regularly to wait to have kids. She doesn't regret having them early but says that she missed out on alot of things - mainly school and hopes they are more set up and established so they don't have to struggle like she did.
Mum and Dad were in there 20's and Married..
I was in my 20's..when i first fell pregnant..
My mum was 18 with her 1st and I was 18 also.
My mum was 36 when she had me but had been trying for 11 years and had 3-4 miscarriages in that time- one late one.

I was 22 when I had my first. So I guess that statistically it is kind of right as Mum had been trying since her mid 20's and I was early 20s.

Dh's mum was 20 when she had her first and DH was 27. SIL was 21.

I was 24, mum was 28.

my mum was 28 when she had my brother, 30 for me. i was 20 when i had rhylie and willbe either 23 or not far off it when this bub is born
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