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Single Mums - Support Thread Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

Welcome to our new support thread for single mums. We hope this becomes a space where you will enjoy chatting, whilst sharing your advice and encouragement.

Thanks for your contribution to our forum smile]
[Edited on 07/05/2008]
lol i just wanted to be the first person to post in here.
im alli 23, DD jasmine 15months. been a single mum since day dot, and love it, well most of the time.
Hi, I'm Kelly and now a second time single mum. Looking forward to chatting with others about all sorts of stuff!


I'm Jody

I have been single for 15mths I have 6 boys & the eldest lives with his dad

I became suddenly single 3 weeks ago. I have 20 month olds Jasmyn and 5 week old Marlee.

Look forward to chatting!


Hi I'm a fairly new single mum of a 5 yr old boy, having split from my partner of 8 yrs in February. Just to add to the complications, we have a baby on the way, due in September!!
Happy Mothers Day everyone! Hope you're all having a great day.

Hi All,

Happy Mummies day!

I'm Kathryn, mum to Charlotte (2.5yrs) and William (4mos)

Technically I've been on my own since "Good" Friday, but the ex still comes over most weekends and takes the kids out etc. so I'm not 100% on my own.

So far, I'm loving it!

happy mothers day girls... hope your little ones spoilt you with love, hugs and kisses.
Hi my name is Tanya i have been a single mum since the day i found out i was pregnant. It has been a testing time for me, but i have gotten by and wouldnt change anything !!

Im hoping to chat to other single mums out there.....


Hi, im Sarah and have been a single mum since my son was born. His dad wanted to be part of his life then changed his mind. If it weren't for my parents i'd be completly on my own. Looking forward to chatting to other single mums.

hi everyone, im melanie i have 10 months baby girl, i have been single since day one and love everyminute of being with my baby. her father visits when he feels like as i will always make sure my daughter knows who her father is. i love watcing kiah change and grow everyday and i love the bond that we have. having my daughter was the best thing i have ever done i think i was born to be a mum. look forward to talking to other single mums.

kiah tarni 05/07/07

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