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Do you feel sometimes as if you have nothing ??? Lock Rss

I have a perfect 7 month old son that i would do anything for. Sometimes i have been feeling really lonely my dp goes out most nights either to work or out with his mates.
I feel as if sometimes i need some time alone but he doesn't think its a good idea.
Or i want him to take us somewhere eg to the zoo or day out at the park or something.

Since i became a mum all i do now is go to work come home, change a nappy, serve him dinner then i go to bed and this starts over again the next day. You know the drill.

It's not that i would change having my son but its like dp life hasn't changed he changes a few nappy's and gives him solids like once a week or something.
Why does he always go out, i would love a chance to do shopping, or to the zoo of course ds will come to, or to the movies or out for tea with friends.

Is there anyone else who feels like this??
Awww big hugs!!! I know what you mean. I have nothing just me and my daughter, no house, car or partner, just us and my parents! I do get to go places but i have no one to talk to until 5;30 when everyone comes home.

Come and join us in the lonely mummies group!!

I feel exactly the same as you at this very moment. I get angry at him all the time and cry because he can go out and do what he wants and i cant anymore. i feel so resentful towards him but at the same time feel like im being selfish... im not sure what to do about it either so someone help us lol!
hi .. I feel the same I wrk full time I have a 13month old my DP's mother hates me and abuses me and nearly every night me and DP fight about crap money, families and helping eachother it's horrible at times .. I always end up in bed so early or in tears .. I've just about had enough.
He goes out with his brother and then says there's no money well it's at the pub i say cause thats where it all gets spent ... winge winge that's me so I know I have to bequiet and let it go


I just wanted to say you guys don't have to put up with that crap, your partner should be supporting you in every way he can. That means helping around the house, with the kids, wanting to go out on family outings etc. You shouldn't be made to feel bad because you want some time to yourself. Everyone deserves a little peace and quiet sometimes. Its a huge job being a Mum and I think, I'm a better Mum when I've had a break, it revives my batterys

Yes I sometimes do feel as though I have nothing. I dont get along with my mum, dad and brother and if you dont have family, then what have you got? Who can you turn to?
And hubby gets home from work and is like "What have you been doing all day?" (A typical male phrase that women are sick of hearing). And mum comes over and is like "What have you been doing all day?"
I dont put up with it though. My husband has to beg and grovel and reassure me that he is going somewhere appropriate and only then will I allow him to go out. Yes, so I am a bit nasty and it does cause problems between us sometimes but Im not some built in babysitter door mat. If its ok for him to go out, then its ok for me not to cook him food. He says Im free to go out, he'd babysit the kids but my female neighbour occasionally wants to take me to a bar, and as a married woman I dont really wanna go without my hubby. Family outings are not an issue, we are both happy to take the kids somewhere.

Married Mummy of 2 beautiful boys.

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