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Hi everyone,
My older daughter (2yrs) goes to child care 2 days a week for socialisation purposes. I was also thinking of putting my younger daughter (8 months) in child care 1 day a week for selfish reasons...... like going to the cinimas or getting my nails done, etc. Would just like to know what other mothers think?
Mate I think you anwsered your own question there.

My DS (2) is in day care one day a week, about to go to 2 for the stimulation and so he can have a break from his little sister. His sister will go into care about the same age (or earlier if she needs it or I need to work) for the same reasons.

I think as a mum you don't get to have 'you time' just by shipping your kids off to care. But thats just my opinion.
You ill get a very mixed response to this!!

Honestly though you know your kids are your situation, you do what you want.

I used to pu tDS in as he was terrified of other kids and Play group didn;t work for us, I put DD1 in just because sheloved it!
I have pulled them both out now though, DS still goes to kinder but it more of a pain taking them into town for 3 hrs than it was just to keep them at home.

We don't have cinemas or anything around here so anywhere I go I am able to take my kids anyway
i think you should leave the spots for working mothers.. your at home how much more of a break could you need? cant you do that stuff on the weekend?

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i think is a great idea to get some you time,

i take jazz to mothers meets ect so that we all can relax and the kids can play together,
we can go out for coffee or one mum will go get coffee,

and i dont go to the movies or get my nails done as i really dont have the cash,

do you have a hubby that can look after her on the weekend so you can go,

i think 8 months is a little bit young but that me as i only have one child so i cant really say,

but a happy mum is also a good one so i think its upto you,

hugs and chat soon,
ggsmama, I think that is a really silly statement to make. Being at home can be a lot harder than going to work for 8 hours a day.

My DS started pre school at 3 and my DD will also start pre school at 3 (no childcare beforehand). For the simple fact that I love having them home and think they are too little before hand. But if I was reaqdy to let them go earlier then i would send them. It is a very personal decision. But in saying that i think each to their own, do what makes you happy and is best for your family. most kids love daycare
i do not think you are selfish!! dont worry about others' opinions, do what you feel is the best thing smile

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In a word...Yes.

Sorry, but as some one else said, the spots should be available for working mums, or even mums who are doing it hard, foe example if there is a child with a disability or something of the like.

Sorry if i sound rude, but thats how i feel, surley the nails can be done another time
It must be hard for you taking care of your children and working at the same time. However, i personally feel that being at home is HARD work and I'm sure most mothers at home will back me up with this one. We women at home need a break too.
that was for gssmama
To be totally honset yes, I think its selfish to want to put an 8 month old in daycare just so you can go get your nails done etc. I would understand if it was for the social aspect but not for an 8 month old and not just because you want to go do something.

Plan it around bubs sleep time or something if it such a big deal to you.

I think that not doing these things "just cos we can" is a sacrifice you make when you decide to bring children into this world.

my songoes to daycare 2 days a week and only for last 4 months and only so that i could spend some one on one time with my new bubba

he got 2 yrs of just mum so i think its ony fair for her

it has also helped his confidence ALOT and he is not as dependent on me anymore(couldnt leave a room without himscreaming for me b4)

and i spend most of these two days doing shopping, washing, cleaning all the things i dont get done when he is home becuase i am playing with him

my daughter will go to daycare when she is 2 for 2 days a week for the same reasons socialisation and independence

as a mum sometimes we have togive up things we enjoy but spending time with our babies is the most important thing cos they are only babies once

it is your choice what u want to do

Posted by: jasmyn''''''''s mum
being at home is HARD work and I'm sure most mothers at home will back me up with this one. We women at home need a break too.

I will back you up in saying that being at home is hard work.

But I still wouldn't put my kids into daycare.

I get my break (to play netball) on the weekend when my DH or my mum can watch my girls.
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