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Welcome back Steph! We missed you.
I agree with you that everyones situation is different. I know you weren't totally pointing fingers at me with the Army comment, (and he's Navy not Army) but I wasn't trying to have a go at the OP, just showing that there is a way to 'get around' things with the whole 'taking days away from working mothers'. I'm not saying that my life is harder than anyone elses or that I have it worse than others. I am also not saying that I deserve a childcare place more than anyone else.
And the ONE thing that REALLY ticks me off about forums is that people come on with a leading question, hoping for the answers they want. Then they get so mad when people have a different opinion and they DON'T get the answers they want!
Anyway, I'm off to have a shower and go and pick up the groceries that I left behind at the supermarket yesterday. Yes, I left THREE bags, not just one! How's that for special? LOL.

When my ds1 was 8 weeks old i had to go back to work but i was lucky enough to take him with me for a couple of months. He was in daycare for 3 days after that & i felt like i missed alot of when he was a baby. Then we moved so i put him back in daycare for 2 days a week even though i wasnt working. He is such an active boy & just loves playing with other kids so i didnt want to take that away from him. He was in daycare on Tuesdays & Thursdays & then a working mum needed the Thursday so daycare moved Ds1 to Fridays.
I put Ds2 in daycare when he was 11 months old so i could look for a job but i could only get him in for 1 day a week & that is a friday. So both the kids are in daycare of a Friday & i get a break (well if thats what you call it) I spend my whole day cleaning the house from top to bottom, washing the car etc. I still cant get anymore days at daycare so i cant get a job cos noone is going to hire me for 1 day a week. I think every mum needs me time & if you dont have family around to take the kids once & a while your probally go batty. And yes when i was working that was my me time

My 3 beautiful boys DS1-05, DS2-.07 & DS3-09

being a stay at home mum is very exhausting. its a 24hr 7 day job, and its all unpaid, with very little recognition. while i myself chose to do it, and wouldnt change it, i can understand where you are coming from.

True, to all comments on this. But by saying there is little recognition, take a breath and look at what you are doing. You are teaching little people that you made, how to live. That itself is a massive achievement. Everything my kids have learnt is because of me. That is enough recognition for my satisfaction.

My thoughts are don't become a parent if you're not willing to take the hard with the easy.

BTW, that reference to single mums somewhere in the thread, I have a friend who lost her husband (killed) when their daughter was 11mths old. That child has a disability, Cerebral Palsy. She is a single mother, who has a child with a disability, and does NOT stick her into daycare for a break - it's NOT available in our town.
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Thanks for contributing to this topic.

Like many parenting decisions the choice to use child care is a very personal one, and we have certainly seen a range of opinions.

As this subject has been well aired, we have now decided to lock the thread and it will remain on the forum as a resource for members.

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