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should i trust my gut? Lock Rss

or do what makes everyone else happy? i have never left my dd for more then an hour with anyone in 2 yrs she has always been in arms reach of me i never let her out of my sight i am the main carer for her and always have been, but now me and my partner have split and i really dont know what to do, i dont trust his parenting or that he will keep an eye on her hes never had her on his own and hes never interested in playing with her, not only that he will be living at his dads and i have really bad gut feelings bout his dad being near my dd i think hes strange and i dont trust him on many occasions he has taken her into his room and shut the door, and i have gone down there straigh away to get her but my now ex used to say to me "i dont see whats wrong with him doing that" to me u just dont take a lil girl into a room by urself and shut the parents out. i fear for her safety and dont know what to do cos i know hes oing to want to see her ( my bet is only cos he knows it will hurt me tho)
Hi, I have to say YES, definately trust your gut!!! If your ex wants to see his dd he can see her while you are there especially if his dad wants to see or spend time with her. There is no reason for him to have her on his own now that your not together if he was never man enough to have her on his own before!!
Good luck with it all.

boys, boys, boys


I have to agree and say YES definately trust your gut instinct. Perhaps you could arrange to meet him at the park, or somewhere like McDonalds so he can see his daughter. But you are still there with them, everyone is happy then. This would be a good arrangement as its on neutral territory, your daughter gets to see her Dad and you know she is safe. You can sit back and enjoy a coffee while he plays with her think of it as a bit of a rest... Good luck and (((big hugs))) to you and your lil girl gasp)

Yes, definitely trust your gut instinct. Like the pp said, pick a park or somewhere public, where you can take your little one. She can see her daddy and you will feel at ease.
Is there anyway to make it all legal? so that the father only gets visitation rights and only a your place? Could you state that you don't trust your father in law for those reasons?

I totally agree with everyone else here and think you should trust your instincts... they are usually right!

Good Luck
im hoping to get something legal done because he has said he will sign her over to me but his family is a pain ad will try take her, my only problem is that if i go to court or something and my FIL is there he will look like a saint cos hes in the fire service and what i would say would be my word against his, my FIL is an alco and drink drives constantly i havent even seen him without a beer in 5 yrs!! and he steals but who will the court believe?? i doubt me.

thanks for ur kind words i will do everything in my power to make sure my DD is safe i can assure u of that!!
You could always just try and dissapear! That is dramatic... it actually happened to my SIL. Her partner had both the kids and she couldn't find him for 2years! She was even paying him child support and centrelink wouldn't disclose any info to her despite knowing her situation!

I really hope everything works out for the best

wink J

Just wondering how things are going? You are the mother - his family can't take her away from you. Have you seen a lawyer? I think you should apply for full-custody, once that is in place you have complete control of what happens with your DD...

Stay strong - my thoughts are with you (((hugs))))

thank u for all ur support! i have taken on board all ur advice.

Im a little late in making a reply, have only just joined. Yes!!!! I would trust your gut!!!!

Get some legal advice. I don't think it is right that your Father inlaw takes your little girl into a room by himself and shuts the door, that would give me an uneasy feeling. My dad has three granddaughters and he has never once taken them into another room an shut the door, my sister in law would freak as would I!

Remember your the only voice your little girl has at the momment, so trust your motherly instinct! I wish you all the very best for you and your beauiful little girl.

:0) Nadene

OHMIGOD!!!!!! Dont let your baby out of your sight, seek legal advice.Which you probably already have by now coz i'm way late replying. Mothers instincts are usually right when you know someone like you know your baby your instincts will most likely be correct and even if they aren't better safe than sorry!

AAARRRRRGGHHHHH... The shutting the door thing is JUST CREEPY even if it's innocent, it's creepy. But don't fret, like the girls said .. YOU are the MUM!! They don't take littlies from their mums unless they are unfit mothers. I don't know the whole story but it sounds like he doesn't want to be much of a Dad, let alone a full time one, no matter what his family whisper in his ear.

FIL is a firey?, that means nothing, how could EX leave DD with FIL when FIL could get called out? Hmmm The courts hand over DD to 2 Men ? Not bloody likely!!

It really sounds like it's the FIL you don't trust, with good reason! If ex wants to be part time dad you shouldn't stop him unless he's nasty to DD, you did breed with him so he must have been a good guy at some stage?

Definately supervised visits til you're comfy, which maybe never smile but NO FIL, Creepy man !

All the best, tis sad times, sorry to hear sad

P.S. Gee Paige's mummy you're HOT.. call me some time ha ha ha ha smile

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