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hey everyone, i was wondering if you guys could listen cause i need to get this out!
There is the nasty piece of work of a mother at my son's school. She use to be nice and talk to me and we would have coffee together. But in the last few weeks me and another lady have been snubbed because our children get bullied by her son. She doesn't believe this is true and is all mad because I don't tell my son to stop lying (he isn't mind you!) This wouldn't normally bother me but she is just speaking bad stuff to all the other mums about me when i am not there and i am so sick of it. She is such a bogan and really nasty but for some reason she is getting to me. her son and my son are in the same class together next year and i just want to throw a brick at her but I am trying to be the better one and not react....but it's getting hard. Today I pulled my son away from the group and had to sternly say that he has to behave at school or there wont be a swim after school. he walked off, held a friends hand and sooked to me. well this women told all the parents that I told my son he had to hold the little boys broke me up but i remained the better one and ignored it. I think it is so sad that parents only have their kids lives to live through. if anyone has any ideas on what I can do, or has a critism, please tell me


have you confronted her about this issue?
i don't mean in a bitching, childish way, after all its your children that are at school, not you parents.
she sounds like a beeeep n i can imagine how its getting under your skin, but perhaps taking hte mature way and approaching her about this. hell even if its in front of other parents or other parents hear, as long as you are the one saying something responsible, mature and something that puts her in her place, doing so calmy and in control, it will show the other parents who is in control won't it? just a thought, if its getting to you that bad.
otherwise rise above it.
easier said than done.
so long as your children don't get affected by this because thats when it becomes a real problem.

Danni, WA,

Posted by: Baylia
Have faith in the other parents.. most people will be easily able to spot this kind of blatent blame shifting.. I'm sure these parents know enough about how the kids at the school play together to know who does and does not mesh well.

In my experience, people like that are often talked about behind their back about what obsessive whack-jobs they are, and what monsters their kids are.. even by people who are supposedly their friends.

I agree. You be the cool and mature one. Other parents will know she is a nutcase just like you do.
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