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Tressillian anyone been? Rss


I am booked in to go to Tressillian the week after next with my 8 month old son.

Has anyone been with a baby around this age and how did it go?

What is it like to stay there (hospital or hotel) and what is the food like for mums and bubs?

I am not happy about leaving my 2 year old at home as this is only the 2nd time I have left her (other time was the birth of my son).

Any suggestions?

Lifes full of challenges

yep the penrith one in 2002 with my 8 mo old son it was great. he was sleeping thru fom the 2nd night the food is plain but fine(always a bonus not to have to cook)! the rooms also basic but adequate , my eldest son who was about at the time stayed with my patents & he had a ball he came to visit a couple of times which was good for everyone. wishing you all the best & hope yoiur experience is as good as mine!i met another mum whoi hsve kept conatct with you never know where/when you will find a new friend

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I went in when my DD was 4 months as she had reflux, and was night waking due to spitting her dummy out up to 12 times a night. Add to this the fact I was back at work full time (she came with me) and you had one tired, desperate mum.

I found them great, we got rid of the dummy and moved her out of our room and she began to sleep through a little better.

In hindsight, as my DD is now 6, I don't know whether taking her dummy away was a good idea. At the time it worked, but she sucked her finger and currently still does (much to my horror!!!!)

In regards to her dummy and whether to take it off her or not- there was a bit of controversy as I had one nurse say yes take it off her and another saying no let her have it. But this is a very grey area and very subject to personal opinion.

Anyhow, I have a happy, healthy 6 year old now and worse case scenerio I will have to fork out for braces! Oh well!!!

The funniest thing is now number two is on the way I have bought 4 dummies and mittens to try to deter finger/thumb sucking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi there,

yes, i went to Penrith with my first son when he was 6 months old (2004), I found it was absolutely FABULOUS.

It is nothing like being in a hospital....I felt like i was on a holiday because i didn't have to cook, clean, prepare any meals etc... and you always have the nurses on hand to help you out with bubs.
I found that my son, instantly relaxed and was great within a couple of days, because i was so relaxed by being there!
The food isn't too bad.....not as bad as hospital food!

I can understand it will be difficult leaving your 2 year old (trust me, I KNOW!!!) but you and bubs will really benefit from it!
I also went for a day stay with my baby (now 5 months old)....they are just so helpful and are FAR from making you feel like a helpless parent....if anything, they boost you up!

Also, you make some great friends there with the other mums.....I still keep in contact with one when i was there 2 years ago!
All the best!
I have been twice to the tresillian,once when my 2nd child was little which was 12 years ago and just last October 2005 she was 10 mths old with my girl who was not sleeping at night.I can honestly say it is the best thing you will do and once you have been you wish you would done it sooner. They are fantastic they give you all support and time you need, the food is o.k. but hey it beats cooking yourself i found that i was so relaxed because there where no chores to do and one day i actually spent the day sleeping when my bub was sleeping and after the bubs went to sleep at night we used to find some of the mothers would sit up talking for hours comparing notes or simply just relaxing and getting out of the square we live in, but best of all i made some really good friends who i am keeping in touch with,
i wish you the best of luck and don't forget to let us know how you got on and remember your stay will be what you make it
Hi Tamcor
Just wondering how your visit to the tresilllian went?was it what you expected? Did you get the help you needed? how did your 2 year old go?
I hope everything went fine and that your trip was successful.

I went with my second son when he was between 1-2 months old i had trouble feeding lost my milk & he lost weight. They were really good, they know what they are talking about, i liked the male nurse the best he was really understanding & helped me heaps. food is plain but like others said you dont have to cook. My first son stayed @ my parents he had a blast with them & came to visit me every couple of days, there is also 2 play areas for the kids so the kids wont be bored.

Hope all goes well.

Rose , nsw

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