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Just wondering when i should stop taking the mini pill and go back to the normal pill. My son is 8 months old and i am still breastfeeding him morning and night but not at all during the day. My period has returned and is all over the shop and happening way too often. I have heard that the normal pill can affect supply, but i would really rather be on it and have regular periods. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks in advance for your help.

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My Doctor told me while still breast feeding I couldnt take the normal pill (sorry dont know what its called).
I was like you with breast feeding and periods etc but couldnt take the mini pill.
When I did stop bf I went on the normal pill as I had trouble with my milk not drying up and it helped alot.
Anyway, I would talk to your Doctor again but from my experience it does affect the ability to breast feed but I imagine everyone is different
Good luck

Mackenzie 06/02/2008

The normal pill contains oestrogen, which dries up your milk - that's why you can't take it if you're still breastfeeding at all. The problem is, when you're only breastfeeding a little bit, I don't think the mini pill is so reliable - don't quote me on this, but my understanding is, the mini pill works best in conjunction with regular breastfeeding. That said, I was still on the mini pill and only expressing one feed per day for my second baby, and I didn't fall pregnant.
I have just been put onto the normal for a variety of reasons, which i won't go into, and i am breastfeeding. The dr I saw read up on it, and said that once bf is well established that it should be ok. It MAY affect supply and it MAY change the composition (ie taste), but that at this stage it should be prescribed if the benefits outwiegh the risks. She gave me a pill call "Yaz" which has less oestrogen than other combined oral contraceptives, and has 24 active pills instead of 28. i have only be on it for two days and so far no issues, fingers crossed.

i was told not to take the normal pill whilst breastfeeding as it gets into the milk supply and passes onto the baby so i was on the mini pill instead til i finished breastfeeding.

The oestrogen does pass through, but in tiny amounts, which are said to be safe for bubs, again you need to weigh up the risks and benefits. The Dr said she was very unconcerned for a mother of a female child but for a male child there could be an antiandrogenic effect, but the risk is still small. She was very thorough. I have now been on the pill for 6 days, and no problems yet with supply or bubs not wanting my milk.

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