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does anyone else get this........... Lock Rss

hi all,
so im about to b 21 this year and my dd is 2 1/2. i find that when i go out alot to the shops for example that i get people asking me if dd is mine and how young i look to be having a child. that really annoys me its like a slap in the face telling me 'im not old enough to look after a child'. i cant stand it. becuase its not meant to be a compliment. does anyone else get this?
hi there,
ahh yes i used get this all the time when i was pregnant, god it annoyed the hell out of me!!!
im 19 and had my baby nearly 7 weeks ago.
i think people think they have the right to tell women how old they think they should be before they have kids..
i hear of 50, even 60 year old women having kids and to me this is just wrong..but society just overlooks this and just bags the younger girls out.
my own mother feels the need to point out whenever she can how she thinks i was too young to be a mum.
ive surprised the hell out of her at wat a great mother i am. i guess she thought i wouldnt cope because im only 19...its funny its like everyone thinks u cant cope at 19..but at 24 u'd be better??? anyway i dont care anymore, i no im a great mum and i would never change a thing. and if people (even my own family) want to bag me they can go to hell!!

Just a little input here. I am 23 and my DD is 6weeks old and i still get told i am too young to be a mother.

But put it this way when my grandmother was 20 she already had 3 kids, mum had me wen she was 21 so i dont consider myself young at all.

Its better to be young and energetic and having babies than to end up 50 with a 10yr old. In my opinion anyway

i think unless you look like your over 25 then no one says a thing. i mainly find i get it from retail assistants which really annoys me i feel like i should make a complaint or something but i just look at them and dont say anything. I just think its annoying. and i guess even older mums may get asked if they're nanna or grandma to? its like everyone has an age range in which to have kids is acceptable. but like you said back in the day women were married at 18 and had a couple of kids by the time they were 22.
no love, I don't get that, but I can understand your frustration...
I can tell you though, I am in my dirty 30's, and my Avon lady keeps giving me samples of Anti Aging cream.... Think I'd rather the youngen looks!

When you get old and decrepit like me, you'll look back and laugh.

The best thing you can do is be a capable, caring, loving mum, and then you can tell the entire world to kiss your arse, because you are doing the best for your child - that is what being a parent is all about - age has nothing to do with it!
Hold your chin high, you have nothing to be ashamed of!

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Hello! When we had our little girl I was 24 but I am very petite and look young. It was bad enough getting looks of disgust when I was pregnant but I did find people commenting on how young I was to be a Mum all the time. It drove me crazy and even if I said my age it was as if they didn't hear. I even tried flashing my wedding ring but that didn't help either - not that that should matter I know.

Hold your head up high and be proud to look young and great still. Half the people who give you dirty looks lived in the day when it was the thing to have kids young. I bet their problem is only that they didn't unlike everyone else and it makes them feel better about themselves. Most who judge are just jealous! Smile and don't give them the satisfaction. That will eat them up even more and help your confidence to ignore them. x x x

Nikki, baby girl ''''''''''''''''06, baby boy ''''

I'm 25 and had my eldest DD when I was still 23. I always got comments of "you're too young to have kids" and "don't you want to have a life first"....WTF????

I owned my own business when I was 21!! My mum was married and had 3 kids by that time!! I've travelled and seen enough besides it's not like you can't do things with kids these days!!

When I go out with my mum she often gets asked if my DDs are hers. Her response "NO, I had mine when I was young so I wasn't too old by the time they left home!!" My mum is 50 next year so definately having them younger is worth it!!

i totally understand i had my first baby at 19 and always got the sideways looks and mutterings as they walked by. but now my daughters 8 and when i go to school to pick her up and theres all these mums that waited and there hitting there fortys i feel good knowing i can still relate to my kids and run around and be abig kid with them. also by the time im forty my kids will be almost adults and thats a pretty cool thought.
im 21 and have just had my 3rd baby.
im so used to it all by now that i dont even notice it anymore lol
just hold your head high and know that you are doing what is best for your child. it doesnt matter what anyone else thinks. things happen for a reason.

Hi there. I so totally understand how you feel. I had my 1st baby when I was 19. Now Im 37, and have just had my 3rd baby after 15 year gap. I was always looked down upon by people for being so young and it always upset me. It does'nt matter how old or young you are when you have a baby. what is the right age? So, next time you are asked how old you are, just tell them to mind their own business!!

Maybe that's why they came up with the adage "Never ask a womans age..."?

I had DS when I was 25 but still look around 20 and I still get those comments lol. I just laugh it off and say I'm now 27 so thanks for the compliment! I also notice the comments especially when we're just using the pram and some ppl assume I'm so young that I don't drive or own a car.

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