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does anyone else get this........... Lock Rss


IKWYM! I'm 22 years old. DD#1 is at kinder now and the other mums told me they thought I was DD#1's sister. When I go out I still get asked for ID which makes me feel good. The other mum's are 30+ and 1 is 48.

DF is an aerospace engineer and I'm a nurse. Whenever we tell people that, when we have the girls with us we get shocked looks or looks like "yeah bulls**t!"
I also drive a Volvo and I was asked once, who I borrowed it from.

We took the train to the city once and had the pram. The comments I overheared made my blood boil!
im 21 and my DD is nearly 6 months. The comment that annoys me is "Is she your first?" like ive got 7 more kids at home somewhere.
I don't understand why it upsets you guys, I was 24 when I had my first baby but people thought I was much younger and would often comment on it but I never took it as though they were judging or being nasty, just that they thought I looked young and it was a conversation starter. I can't see why old women would look at you and judge you on the age you were when you had children when it was common in their day to be married and have kids at 16.

DF & I were 18 when DD#1 was born. we worked very hard to get where we are today. We love our family dearly & rather stay at home with the girls as oppose to going out with our friends.

It's a real kick in the guts when people assume you've achived nothing and do nothing with your life. When our lives are our children. They come first no matter what!

There are irresponsible parents out there and to be compared to them is insulting ..
I had my first bub at 19 and I just had bub #4 (liam) and im 23.. even when I was pregnant with him I got people sayin I look young to be having a child, expecting that it was my first. Some were polite about it and would ask wether i was ready to handle motherhood. They always got a shock when i told them i had 3 other children at home. Most of them would simply stop talking and walk off.
This offended me more than being told i looked to young. Obviously what they were thinking would have to be much worse than anything they were comfortable telling me in the first place

I don't see why you let it get to you, maybe I am just thick skinned or ignorant! lol

I get asked all the time if my kids are mine, I just say yes and keep walking, I got stopped a couple of weeks ago and got told I was doing a fantastic job babysitting those kids, when I told the lady they were mine she just went Oh My God and walked off!!! I found it rather amusing!
She doesn't know me, or how old I am etc and it has nothing to do with anyone but myself, I have never considered myself a young mum but apparently I am.
I have just turned 26 with 3 beautiful kids, my eldest is 5 and my youngest is 13mths, when I got preg with my eldest I got asked all the time if he was a surprise, it didn't bother me as it was none of their business.

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