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student mums!!!!! HELP how do i do it!! Lock Rss

hey every1,
im 21yrs old and the mum to a wonderful 6month girl. im was studing a B. marine science and ecology at uni b4 i fell pregnant when i took time off. now im due to go back to finish my degree next year (2010). How on earth am i supposed to do it?!?!

my fiance works full time and im a stay at home mum, but we cant afford day care for me to work so how are we going to afford it when im back at uni?
my degree has to be full time because of other issues out of my control but i cant take bub to uni all the time as my degree has alot of field and lab work.
my mum (and other family) live no where near where we have to move for me to go to uni so i cant ask them to baby sit.

help!! i have no idea what to do! iknow its nearly a year away but we have to move a long distance from where we are now for me to go and have no idea how to manage when we get there.
is there any help that i can get from centrelink or other schemes that anyone knows of? or just any general ideas?
not to mention the time ill need for reports ect with bub i dont know how ill fit it in.... =(

please help me to do this degree is my dream and ive worked so hard for it, but now its like its slipping away
i am in the same situation! also 21 with a six month old girl. Im a stay at home mum too, but am going back to uni in July full time to study nursing. ( I put it on hold when I fell pregnant it was too stressful, even by distance) My partner works long hours. So far the plan is to have bub in day care 5 days a week. This way I will hopefully have some spare time to study during the day. Centrelink pays half the fees at day care. Also im going to have a go at babysitting at home on weekends for the extra cash. If you cant afford normal day care, you could try looking into family day care? Its a lot cheaper I hear. hope thiat helps smile private message me if you want to talk more
Hi mums,

I also did nursing. It was hard working part time (in a nursing home as a RN div 2, I live in VIC, in other states I think its called EN) anyways and studying. We received CCB from cetrelink. Can't remember the percent they paid and we got something called JET. Look it up on the centrelink website. Which brought child care to like $10 for 5 days. But it all depends on your course, uni ... grandparents also took care of DD#1
Don't know what practical advice I could give you, but somehow, you do just manage!
I was 20 when my first son was born, and I still had a year left of uni. I didn't take time off, I contined to study full time so I'd get through it in that one year. I did it, and graduated when I was meant to, by which time I was 6 months pregnant with my second. Now I'm 23, my firstborn is 2 and a half and my baby 11 months. I'm going back to uni next year to do my post-grad thesis (in Anthropology) but I'm going to do it part time. My husband and i decided that it's better if I do it now than wait until the kids are at school and I could be working.

Have you figured out how much daycare will actually end up costing you after all the rebates? The way it works (in WA at least, I don't know if it's the same in all states??) is that the Family Assistance Office covers a certain percentage of the childcare costs, depending on your income, and then when you do your tax return, you get reimbursed 50% of the remainder, i.e. your out-of-pocket expenses. For us, that works out to cost $20 per day in total, for both of our kids to be in day care. $10 per child per day isn't much. It might be more for you, or it might be less, but it's worth finding out so you know exactly what costs you're looking at.
[Edited on 11/05/2009]
I don't study but I went back to work fulltime and found family daycare to be great!!! you pay for the hours you use rather then the whole 12 hour normal day care total cost is roughly $60-$70 a day in total without rebate...where as the 2 mums i use for family daycare are $5.50 per hour in total without any rebate!

Same days i only end up paying $4 (with our perfectage) cause liv would have only gone a few hours!!! they are also really flexible, if one mum can't take your bub on a tuesady for example, the family daycare office will find other mums who can. You meet with the mums and almost interveiw them, then you decide who you want to look after your child!

I had Olivia in normal daycare to start with, then when we moved, all the daycare centres were full. now when i look back i'm glad! family daycare has been perfect for us!

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