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Justmum - feel free to jump in!!
Aghh 10lbs!!! I am so lucky to get 7lbs LOL
I have a great partnership! We just love eachother so much
not to say we don't have the odd fight now and again but
we always manage to forget about it in less then 5mins LOL
We have only been together 2 and a bit years
But we fell inlove so so fast LOL he saved me from an ass of
A ex dp ( abusive and I was in highschool) I hid it from
My whole family but my dp now shaun just knew LOL

My mum left me in Perth to live with dp and we go see her
2/3 times a year but it's expensive LOL

I am happy in my life just can't wait for my house to get built!
Mil fil and family driving me nutty hehe

Yeah the in laws do tend to drive u a bit nutty!! Sometimes I wonder if it is me being so young and that's why we dont get along...but they just seem to think that they know what everyone is thinking...coz everyone must be on the same wave length as them (MIL & SIL...FIL IS GREAT!) I just decided Im going to be blunt, smile and try not to take anything to heart! (the dr. said the only thing that helped him where the in laws are concerned was to change continents! LOL)

It's nice to see young mummies in such a gr8 relationship! I was just talking to mum about the whole 'falling pregnant' so young thing I was 17 when I actually fell pregnant and honestly I was like 'Nah that wont happen to me!' I had just left school to join the army and I was just in the process of being accepted!!! Adam came along and we were together for a month and he proposed and then 5 mths after we met I fell pregnant....there went my dreams....but ahh well.

I wish we built our own home!! lol it would be so much better but next time lol...goodness knows we have looked at so many houses we both know what we want. I like to think that we are growing up together smile

Just got a rough patch to get through right now....I dont know whats next or what I should do....I want my black belt but I dont think I could do the 7km run 15 minutes's going to be hard stuff training for it with 2 littlies! then there is like...hmm am I done having kids....I dont know lol

Anyways Cohen is a real little cutie!!!


DS-20.05.05 & DD-23.11.07

Building a home is stressful and time consuming I just have to
Keep my head up and breath hehe

Thanks I think he is a little cutie too hehe

My mum and step dad were very happy when
I was pregnant - I planned cohen but I kept that from them
In fear they would be disappointed - they still don't know ops

If I didn't just have my period I would swear I was pregnant
My teeth are sore, my tummy is puffy and my breasts are tingling
Agh LOL I wish it was thou LOL

Glad you got passed the rough patch with your man!
I had one when I was 38.5 weeks pregnant I was going to leave him but doctor said it
was unsafe to fly lucky we got passed it!!

I only get along with my in laws now i moved out.. When me and DP got together just over 5 years ago i moved im with him. He was still living with his mum haha.. It was hell betweeen us till we moved out after finding out i was preg with Amira..
When i fell pregnant with Jordy i didnt know till i was 6 months preg. Everything was working as normal IYKWIM. DP told me i started looking alittle round and we went to the docs for the test. Hes said i was either 6 months in or having twins lol we naturally thought that 6 months pregnant would be rediculous but we waited for the U/S. I did find out bout all the sexes. Not sure why but i liked knowing..

Yeah i know what you mean bout the 'mum thing'.. I got exited yesterday when i bought my new vaccuum lmao cos our other one carked it. I loved cooking/baking too lol.. If totally domestic mum lmao

Damn 10lb, my newborn is 6 weeks and isnt that big haha..
My SIL had her bub las august, he was 9lb 10oz but her labor was half an hour including delivery lmao..

I love hearing other young mummies in the same boat. Totally in love with their partners and families, Everytime im asked about my kids i get people asking wether they all have the same dad And they seemed relieved and shocked that that they are. Its kinda sad i think.
But GOD! i wish we were looking at getting our own place. ATM we rent. Dead money *cry* But we gotta finish paying off our car and get another lmao. We have a 5 seater and need 6 lol
I think It'll definately happen. (i always get what i want lol) but itll take alot longer than i really want it to. Same as marriage.. He hasnt proposed but weve been talking bout it since we were preg with Jordy. Our wedding was virtually planned 4 years ago.

I have a ring that my dp picked out for me
2 days after I had cohen but not engaged
I always said I never want to get married but
I am not sure why? Why change a good thing?
I don't like to fail so I guess if I do chose to get married I will have to
Have 99.9% trust that it will work! LOL

I wear my ring on my wedding finger and it helps old people to
Not be rude LOL
I better not get asked if my children are to diff dads!! I will be
So rude back!! It's none of there bussiness!! Gr!

People seem to be kind to me with bubs
I talk to alot of differnt types of mums they
Seem to not care young and old?

I bake like a mad women LOL I always have
A cake, cookies and muffins going hehe dp loves it!
So much cheaper and tastier to do it yourself !
Can't wait to have little hands helping out!

Have you had your 6 week check how are you And bubs?

LOL! OMG I CANT BELIEVE SOME PEOPLE! No one has ever asked me if the kids have different dads...we live in a small town and everyone knows whats in everyones back pockets! lol!
Besides u only have to look at them and u can see they have the exact same genes!
But seriously....there are some people out there that are not in the same vote as ours and their kids do have different dads...but IM sure they are no less loved...just maybe more confused sad (Take my bros g/f for example for has 4 siblings and none of them have the same dad but they all have a good relationship with their mother...although yes they are all the typical dole bludging type sad ...I shouldnt be nasty...but I dont agree with their lifestyle)

We lived with my in laws for 2 years :'( when we moved out it felt like an ie cave closing over and cutting us out....but Im not going to let them get to me any more! LOL
My Sil always needs to be the centre of attention (hence hating me for getting married b 4 her and having a girl before her (no kids she upped me for falling pregnant before her!) and yeah the list goes on. anyways busy now all of a sudden and dont want to loose the post!! Ill get back 2 u all soon!

DS-20.05.05 & DD-23.11.07

I kinda think that maybe they don't expect people our age to know what they want. I hear it all the time.
But I think the area I live in people sort of expect someone as young as I am with more than 1 kid would have to be "generously active". Cos its not uncommon. But I agree, its not neccesserily a bad thing, but where I live its increasingly younger girls (some as young as 15) making bad or careless decisions reguarding sex.
I know the feeling bout the "centre of attention SIL" I have one of them. My SIL has 3 kids, all 10 months off mine. So I'm expecting she'll be pregnant with her 4th shortly lmao. She's very competative but I think her biggest issue is that she has 3 brothers. Being the only girl I think shes threatened by all the 'intruding women'. My kids never have an opportunity to spend time with 'nanny' without her inviting her kids along too.
She also decided she had to get married before I did. All my life ive wanted to get married on a beach. It was always my idea for it to be alittle 'low key'. Cos i think a big wedding would frighten me. But me and DP discussed everything. It was pretty unique ideas too. We'de agreed to go low key and decided that he'd wear a tux top and boardies, to go with the beach thing too. But recently, SIL, announced her plans to get married next year. She told me of this brilliant new idea they had for the wedding. And she recited my entire plan. The funny thing was, while im sure she was aware she stole the idea i dont think she realised it was from me. tongue Not sure how i'll approach the issue though.

nah 6 week checkup next week.. can't wait tongue. i dunno why i look forward to them haha I always have smile
But yeah, (knock on wood) I'm feeling better than ever. apart from a few hiccups this week Liam sleeps all night, and my 1yo is sleeping through aswell for the first time. I took all 4 of em out alone the other day to a birthday party. I expected to have some trouble it was great grin

Aghh had a bad day with cohen today!
Was teething really badly finally the tooth came though!
I have no sil promblems yet lol she is only 11

My family is mostly my problem my sister is 27 2 boys
6 and 2 and just had a abortion lives with a dero who both
Don't work and house is feral poor kids
I can't help cause they live in Canberra I am in Perth
Kills me!! I love seeing my 6 yr old nephew he loves me so
much and is so smart due to watching tv all day!!

I am having major problems with my house LOL
I can't decide what colour carpet and tiles I want LOL
Ok ok it's not major but hey it's important hehe

Cohen 6 mth needles and check up next week too hehe
So excited I love the check ups! They just let you know of your
Doing a good job or not LOL

I live in the city but don't really have too many
Friends so it's hard sometimes!!

hey i'm 16 and had my first bub 3 mths ago 6pound 15 he great
hey new teen mum- how are you finding mother hood?
What did you name your little boy?

Krystal xo

aww, which teeth were they? My Noah's k9s have just broken through but i think its given him an ear ache. he very irritable and sooky. Ill be taking him to the docs tomorrow..
And OMG problems?! hehe.. I reckon go dark with tiles and carpet if you intend on having as many kids as you do tongue lol jks.. It is important though i agree. In my house (if i ever get that far) i've already decided on floor boards. In the house we're renting atm we took the carpet up cos it was baaaaaad and we restored the floorboards. They look gorgeous. The house has a totally new feel to it. Its probably the only reason i wanna stay here lol.

I dont live big city or anything, but i dont have too many friends either. My company is usually relative. Most of my friends from school moved away. I started talking to my bestie again a while back though. I didnt realise how much i missed her company. She went to business college after high school and then worked all the time. but she had a bub 7 months ago, so i get to see her alot now grin
Other than that, i spend most if my time on facebook or on forums lmao.. This is the only personal forum conversation ive had in a forum though haha. It good. grin

New teen mum.. thats such a cute size.. My smallest was my lil girl 7lb 4oz.. Was your bubby born on time? All my kids were late haha except my lil 5week old who was born on due date. My SIL had all her kids about 2 weeks early. Hers were very small bubbas. Her 2 girls were around 5lb and her boy was 7lb 11.. But shes a smoker and she also had RH negative blood, I think thats why they were small.

I went with dark jarrah floor bored, dark grey ash tiles and greyish carpet in all rooms except mine I got cream in mine LOL

White special none stain paint, and light blue in cohens room, creamy brown colour in mine
I want one wall in every room to be a soild colour
But will have to wait till everything is in the room to see!
Agh just found out we have too do the
backyard ourselfs OH JOY it's being left as a flat big piece of dirt!
But they doing the front yard!

Cohens getting both bottom teeth and now is starting with the top two!
Oouch!! K9 poor bugger!!
Teething is so cruel!
Do all your kids get there needles? Cohen does but I cry everytime!
He his cried for 10 secs both times and slept thou one too! Hehe

I might have to start working sooner then I thought! I am
Only going to be working 10-20 hours but I am still nervous!! LOL
Only till we have 5 grand saved up to put in our savings! Lol

Cohens got more saved then us almost hehe I am saving for him to
go to a private school ( only school walking distance to new house)
It's pretty good in price thou!

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