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OUCH TATTOOS! LOL I would love the eye of horus in the middle of my back but I dont like needles lol!

Um my e-mail is [email protected]

Nothing overly new to report. It was JOels birthday yesterday-BIG 4 year old! lol He had a fantastic day!
we are having a party for him on saturday so Im just keeping myself busy with that!

Evie not sleeping when she should be -DOH lol
Better go and tend to her...ho hum!

xx Hope everyone has a good day!

DS-20.05.05 & DD-23.11.07

hi my name is Jacqui I am 23 and have 2 DS Noah is 2 and Joshua is 4 month I am also TTC #3. I look after my sisters little boy Dylan (2years) three days a week and I also look after a 13 year old boy one day a week.
My house if full of boy and I would love a little girl.
Joshua is teething atm but it seams to have settled down Noah and Dylan are being terrors so I have put them to bed and I have Roy tomorrow so he will most likely be on the x box because of the rain.
Dh and I own a 3 bedroom unit and in 18months will be buying a house.

Tattoos on your back are ment to not Hurt as much,
My dp is covered and even has neck done and he says
the back is fine?? LOL I will find out next month or two if I am not
Pregnant!!! LOL

Jacqui-- I think we are both in the ttc June section??
How you doing with everything ATM?

Krystal x

Yes we are both in the same TTC group. Everything is going well atm. The 3 boys are driving me crazy today but I love them so much. Josh has his needles tomorrow. I hate them just as much as he does.

Hehe I know what you mean!! Cohen just
had his 6mth needles and he slept like a baby!!
LOL and I cried like a sissy girl hehe
He woke up when he had his flu shot and cried a bit
but not half as bad as me!! Gets me every time!!

I had heaps of problems with his sleeping
with this set of needles but I think teething isn't helping!!

He has two bottom teeth and is already getting his top teeth!!
Agh !!!!

He has blessed me by sleeping though since he was 6-8 weeks old
So when he wakes up during night it's a shock !!!
(look at me being a sook LOL)

alana - how did your ds needles go?
Cohens sitting up, rolling and almost crawling!!
He finally got his 2 bottom teeth and the top two are
about to cut thou!!

Josh had his needles on Friday and he did not go well at all. The screamed and it took so long to settle him. He was also up all night even with panadol.

Ohh no cohen took them well was a little unsettled but
All n all was normal??
I hate them more then he does! LOL

Im off to Pink in one week!! WOOHOO!
How is everyone! Im going so damn good!!! cant wait for a bit of meeeee time!! YEEHA!

MWAH to all!

DS-20.05.05 & DD-23.11.07

Awsum PINK rocks!!!! Love her! So down to earth!
Good to hear your excited and get some YoU time!!

smile Iam so great too still trying to get pregnant
I am testing on the 4th so let's hope!!!

Cohens, yelling dada all day LOL sad I was trying to get him to
Say mumma!!

Let us know how good she was.... So jealous!! LOL

how is everybody going?
Noah and Josh are well. Josh is almost rolling over and I am so excited. He is also getting he first teeth. I think he is going to get the 2 at the same time.

I have had such a great morning. I got to sleep in till 7am. I have not slept past 5am since Noah was born and he is 2 years old.

Geese!! I woke up at 6 the past two mornings!! and thought it was
Sooo bad LOL 5am would kill me!!! Aghh good thing you got a sleep in!!
730-830 is when cohen wakes up!! Nomally he goes to bed at 730

I have no sign of af!! Oh joy I am now freaking out I just wanna
no if I am knocked up or not hehe!!

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