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well I think the key is to not count. Dont count how many hours you have slept, how many changes hubby hasnt done. I think I got to the 4 week mark and lost it. First time dads find it hard to become confident in helping out with bubs.
Ok, I must say PMSL at some of replies!!! Love the numbers game girls, there great!. I think every mother I know feels like this at one stage or another ( well many, many stages for some, like me), I always find it's the straw that breaks the camels back.... I think what we need to do, as woman, instead of letting things build to exploding point, we need to just say what is piSsing us off at the time and get it over with, unlike us, men don't think about anything but themselves (well most of them, sorry to any guy reading this and thinking I have wronged them, I'm speaking generally), we constantly think about the future, like if the dishes don't get done tonight I'm going to end up doing them tomorrow. If you want some thing done or help with something unfortunately you are going to have to ask, then they know. My DH won't do a thing unless I ask, but after asking him to do the dishes for like 2 years, I now don't have to ask, he just does them, it took 2 years to drum it into him, I cook dinner, you do the dishes.
I wouldn't even bother asking him to get up to the kids in the night though unless 1 is sick and the other decides to be awake, then he gets kicked out to that 1, but I do have to cut him some slack he works fluffing hard and at least 11 hours a day at the moment 5-6 days a week and in the summer it's 14-16 hours a day 6 days a week, and it's hard physical work, so he gets a little lee way, but not alot. smile
So you are in boat with many woman who feel the same as you, and even though it doesn't help your situation, I have always felt better knowing I'm not the only one smile. Good luck, just don't kill him (unless you get away with it;) )
If it makes anyone feel any better, the longest break DH has given me from my 11.5 month old is one hour, when I went to the hairdressers about 7 months ago. Apart from that, there's been a few 20 minute stints.
I must have is so easy. my DP has always been very helpful, changing nappies, bathing etc. i breast fed for the first 3 months so obviously there was not alot he could do to help with the midnight run and such but when he was home (he worked 7 days a week for the first 3 months) he was very helpful for 5 mins at a time but i couldnt leave him alone with DD untill she was about 5 months (i had to go back to work) and not as "breakable" and could communicate a bit better. when she was tiny DP got very frustrated because he didn't know what she was crying for and i couldnt even leave her alone with him for long enough for me to have a shower. but the older she got the more hands on he got. DD is now 16 months old and definatly a daddys little girl. he works 5 days a week and i work 5 nights so we tag team. I couldn't ask for a better partner.

Mum to Tayla and Jack, Expecting December.

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