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My step son is neally 5 years old, I love him to bits. But I'm am sick to death of his mum. I have been with my husband for neally 4 years. But she has made our life a living hell, at first DH never hardly got to see him, we had to go to court and fight for the little access we got. DH nevered lived with step son as it was an accidently preganacy and they never stayed together. She got together with DH best friend just after given birth and recently left him and got engaged to an older man(but beside the point) In the early stages before the our wedding I was verbally abused about staying out of both the boys lives and over stupid other things. She also attacted me while i was buckled up in car dropping step son off(in front of him mind you) step son was crying and was very upset. She got stepson calling her boyfriend dad and DH by his name which was verying upsetting to DH, but that is back to normal when she left for another man. We have since been back to court and finally get him every second weekend, It makes it so hard for step son, (he loves his dad so much and me too) we know she runs us both into the ground for comments he makes, but can't do it back or even defend ourself because its selfish and un fare to him. DH is allowed one phone call per week and if she answers it (which is hardly ever) if he askes to speaks to me or even mentions my name she hangs up, yet when she rings up while we got him, she always sticks her fiancee on to talk to him. She is always so hypercretical. He has been going to full time day care since he was a baby and now 2 day preshool and the rest daycare. DH has asked her if he could stay with me due to to fact I am home with a 6 month old and so he doesnt have to go every day of the week, which he hates. But that was a big no no, I am not even allowed to drop him or pick him up from daycare, DH has to wake him before light to get him to daycare before he goes to work even if he is sick. I just think this is selfish and her thinking of herself and not of her son at all.

I'm sorry I needed to get this off my chest, There is so much more but I wont dribble on, I would love to here from any body who goes through this as well.

Sam Qld,

Hi Sam,
I can't offer any advice but I just wanted to say that I admire you for not adding to the problem by doing the same things or retaliating (as much as I'm sure you'd love to).
My parents divorced when I was 4 and my father re-married when I was 8. I spent my entire childhood having to put up with lots of crap back and forth (actually it was mostly my mum's doing too)
All you can do is continue to downplay the antagonistic behaviour going on and at the end of the day it is mostly up to the Dad to be more asertive to your DSS's mum. Unfortunately you will probably always be "the step-mum" no matter how much DSS loves you, so that's why it's important to never take anything personal.
Glad to see I'm not the only one. The only thing to do is keep my mouth shut for the sake of my beautiful step son and hope in time he realises that she is full of [email protected]#$, I really envy the people who really put there children first and get along with each other for the sake of the child. God knows I have ask to be friendly for step son benifit but she just got aggressive, I understand that she may feel threaten because he loves another women in his life, but know one can ever replace a mum and I wouldn't even try. But whats better, having him staying with a step mum who loves and adores him or with some one who wishes he wasn't there.

Sam Qld,

hi sam**

have you ever thought of going for full custody of step son,with all the new custody laws and maintenace changes you might be in with a chance ,considering she hasn't has a stable home for him the 2nd relationship in four years or so ,the child is in full time child care,and if you can get her on tape somehow running her mouth then im sure the judge will sit up and listen.
you'd think she'd just get over it and be thankful the boys real dad still wants something to do with him.

chris wa 1yr, 2yrs 14 yr


if you ever want to talk im also a step mother and i know what you are going through me and my partner and in the same situation as you so if you ever want to talk about it contact me on msn [email protected] iv been with my partner and his kids for nearly 4 years now and we have be going through court as well since 2003 because the kids mother while she was married she meet a guy over the net and left her husband and 2 kids to go meet this guy and she got prego by him and she moved to canada she was gone for 2 1/2 years and now she has came back to australia with your fiance and there child.

please contact me i know what you are doing throgh
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