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What are you giving your mum or getting for mothers day... Lock Rss

Hey mums..

Thought it might be a nice idea to post what we are giving our mums, mil's or our wish list for mothers day.

Might also help some people with gift ideas.

Ok.. here are mine:

Moth my mum & mil are getting a framed picture of my little girl that was taken by expression sessions - gorgeous! My mums birthday is also this weekend and she is getting nice satin pj's and matching slippers

I would love a facial or something pampering.
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I'm not sure what to get my mum or mil. I know I wont get anything again, dp said that he wont get anything coz he only gets things for his mum.

Rebecca, Melb, son Thomas 18.01.05

Hey there

My mum is getting me for the whole day...anything she needs done, gardening, washing, dishes, shopping, vaccuming, (yes even toilet and bathrooms - she has two of those) etc so she can put her feet up all day. Then i am taking her out for dinner.

As for me, i have no idea...

eìí? DD Haley 2 yrs old eìí?


Made my MIL a pressie. Nina's foot prints in bright pink paint, with some glitter splashed on, framed in a bright blue glass frame...really sweet.

Got my mum some ugg boots and (don't laugh, she really wanted it) a bum mum is a cute geek!!

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