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Who else is a proud teen mum? I gave birth to my son when i was 19 and i am very proud. He was a suprise but i wouldnt have it any other way grin
I had DD at 19, I was told i would probably never concieve naturally so she was the biggest shock of my life!! I think she is my little miracle baby and i am glad i had her when i did or i may not of concieved her at all as we have TTC since with no luck. I think she is my one and only and im happy with that i know how truely blessed i am to have her.. If i had of been able to concieve easily i definantly would of waited until i was a little older so that i was better off financially!!!
yup i had my eldest at 19, married to his father and have 2 other boys aswell.

Wouldnt change it for anything

Who else is a proud teen mum? I gave birth to my son when i was 19 and i am very proud. He was a suprise but i wouldnt have it any other way grin

i was lol
I had DS#1 at 19(fell pregnant at 18)
I had DS#2 at 22..
and i had DD at 24...

and now at 25 i have finished having kids lol no more for us..
DS#1 was a suprise but i am glad i have him hes the light of my life, i love all my kids and wouldnt trade them for the world..DP and i have been together basically 7 years now, still going strong, glad i had kids early im still young and fit enough to chase these kiddies around all day and night lol...

My mum had my twin sister and i at 18(she fell pregnant at 17) we we're born at 28 weeks she vowed no more lol and fell pregnant twice on the pill lol, all up she has 6 kids hence why we stopped at 3 didnt want to have that many lol.....

I had dd 3 weeks of 17 and expecting my second now at 19. Im glad i had DD she changed my life for the better and can't wait for my little man.
I'm not a teen mum anymore but I had DD1 at 17 and DD2 at 20. DF and I have been together for 6 years and we love our little family smile In the three years since DD1 was born both DF and I have achieved so much and the experience of having them young has never held us back. If anything the experience has given us motivation to strive to get to where we want to be in life.
I am def a proud teen mum (or just over I just turned 20!)
I had DD#1 at 17, and DD#2 when i was 18, and DS is due in a few weeks smile

I'm still with the childrens father, and we are happier than ever!

I am definitely a proud teen mum!

I was 15 when I conceived Wyatt and 16 when I had him.

I am now 17 and 22 weeks pregnant with our lil girl Sierra due 4 weeks after my 18th!

im a very proud teen mum i got pregnant at 17 with my partner of 4 years and had our beautiful son caiden at 18 and now im 6 weeks pregnant with my 2nd im so excited !!! i have wanted to b a mum since i was 10 i love being a mummy!!!

I am 19 and just had my first baby and very happy!
congrats on ur little boy he is gorgeous!!!

Im 17 and pregnant with myfirst, a baby girl. This is the best feeling ever. I cant wait to be her mum! Im due 2 weeks after i turn 18 smile
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