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Proud Teen Mums Lock Rss

Im 19 and due today!!! Cannot wait until i am a mum! Hopefully tonight or tomorrow!

DF left me 2 weeks ago after 4yrs for someone else. But i am super happy to soon be holding my baby boy...(i've been in pre-labour all day)

I think being a young mum is great. You might not be able to do things that you could before but at least the things you can do you, you can share with a beautiful child... Why wait till your 40!
I was pregnant with my baby girl when I was 17 and had her at 18 and we are both very happy! I love being a young mum.
i fell pregnant with DD at 15 and had her when i was 16, im now 19, although her dad left us and it has been a little hard it gets better and better everyday

anyone in meobourne?? i am looking for new people to chat with.

my msn is [email protected]

izacc,ethan and mya

i am definately proud lol I met my boyfriend when i was 15 the first guy I had even been with or even kissed for that matter haha and we are still together and i got pregnant at 17 and had my little girl at 18. She is now 7 months old and I couldn't be happier smile though I am only allowed to have one child so i would do anything for that little angel of mine smile
Im pregnant now early stages with my first and i am 16 and bub will be due just before my 17th
im a proud teen mummy i fell pregnant with my ds when i was 15 he was due on my 16th but was born 11 days late im now 19 and about a week off haveing #2 i went through to finish my schooling as my school had a program for young mummies and im married to my ds daddy


I'm a proud teen mum smile

I was 17 when I had DS, and I'll be 20 when this bub is born.

Congrats on the pregnancy Tahliacurrie94

i fell pregnant with DS when i was 19, had his when i was 20.

i love being a young mum, but i wish i was a year or 2 younger when i had him.
DS's half sister was conceived when her mum was 15 and born about a week before she turned 16. she had her second when she was 18.
I am a very proud teen Mum. I fell pregnant at 15 and had my son at 16. I wouldn't change him for the world. I'm TTC a sibling for him now at 18 after a miscarriage in February. I'm so glad I had him at a young age even though he was a surprise.
Hi i fell pregnant to twins at 16 im now 20 with 3 yr old twin boys and a 1 yr old little girl ive been with my partner for 5 years, We have had hard times but i wouldnt change any of it!
I am a proud teen mum I am 18, 19 in may and my little girl is almost 3 months. Things may be a bit hard financially but I wouldn't trade my situation for anything =)
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